David Mark Vows To RESCUE Nigeria Within Two Years

👤 By Abdul Tukur

ABUJA — Nigeria will be back to where it was respected, David Mark has promised. 

The former Senate President would also solve the insecurity problems and turn the failing economy of the country around, if he is voted into the highest office at the February 2019 elections.

Senator Mark’s statement was made as he picked the presidential interest and nomination forms at the national headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP today (September 4).

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The 70-year-old, who served as President of the Senate of Nigeria from 2007 to 2015, is keen to replace President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

At his declaration, Senator Mark, an indigene of Benue State, who retired as a Nigerian Army Brigadier General, said he would solve the insecurity problems.

“The blueprint, which we titled ‘730’, represents just two years — two years if given the opportunity to turn the economy of this country round. We will solve the insecurity problems, we will bring Nigerians together. The level of distrust in the country today has never been experienced in the history of this country,” he said.

“I have a very good background and I have been in politics since 1998 when I won my election into the Senate. I think I have the credentials and background to be able to do what I promise my team will do. It is a team that is going to work together to salvage this country to bring Nigeria to where it has been respected.

“Obviously, there are priority areas and restructuring is one of them; and I think the time has come for us to restructure this country so that Nigerians will feel that they are part and parcel and integral part of this country.”

President Buhari defeated an incumbent in 2015. It was the first time a seating President was removed through the ballot box in Nigeria.

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But, critics say the 75-year-old President, who has spent months on medical leave in the UK, has lost the goodwill that brought him to power.

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A prominent head of state, Olusegun Obasanjo, who once supported President Buhari, has advised that he rest after his first term.

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo who left the PDP, after declaring support for President Buhari might support the candidacy of Senator Mark, DENISAURUS News understands.

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This paper learnt that the current Senate President Bukola Saraki who also declared his presidential bid under the same party platform as Senator Mark, had sought the endorsement of former President Goodluck Jonathan a day before his declaration to run for the highest office.

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