Loyalist Admits President Buhari Has Failed The Masses (LONG READ)

đŸ‘€ Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

One of President Muhammadu Buhari’s biggest supporters has spoken to DENISAURUS News about his disappointment with the current government.

The Buharist who put “his entire life” into campaigning for President Buhari,” is very unhappy.

Despite being a public servant, he campaigned for President Buhari in 2003, 2007, 2011 and in the 2015 elections.

In a private direct message conversation with the @pebbles_news, the man who wished to remain anonymous due to the nature of his job, explained that things had not gone the way he had hoped post 2015.

“I lost keys friends during that election. I am almost loosing my job, because of all the sacrifices made in support of President Buhari.

“During the campaign and all that took place to actualise the victory at the poll, my entire living was submitted to the success of the election; family wise, resources wise, means of livelihood wise and others which can’t be stated in public.

“I believed in the change mantra and we got it in the end. However, I feel deserted as I don’t even know who to go to for help,” he adds.

Top associates of the President are meant to be aware of this man’s case. While, he says some have spoken to the President about his matter, others have deliberately kept burning issues like this away from Nigeria’s number one citizen.

In his writing, the man notes that “among the associates of PMB who had pulled me close, due to my unalloyed attraction to support PMB, most of them were abandoned by the now enthroned PMB, who has surrounded himself with some ‘sychophantic’ aides”

“These are the same ones that would never tell President Buhari the truth about ‘Missing the Point’ as it stands now,” knowing fully well that even closest friends of PMB that had been with him since time immemorial were pushed away”

President Buhari, was the first candidate to unseat an incumbent President. In 2015, he promised to change the corrupt Nigerian system.

The President known for his integrity, promised to fight corruption. Unfortunately, the Buhari administration is still yet to successfully convict any Politically Exposed Persons, PEP.

Many believe it is because of the President as placed an unsuitable person to head, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, a leading anti-corruption agency.

Even though his nomination was rejected by the Senate, Ibrahim Musatafa Magu, a “corrupt” officer continues to remain “illegally” in office.

The Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, who is in full support of Mr Magu, claims that the Senate’s confirmation was not needed.

However, a Federal High Court in Abuja has ruled in favour of the Senate’s rejection.


The now embittered Nigerian says, “things have gone bad. It’s worse now than during the time of President Jonathan Goodluck.”

He questioned how President Buhari would continue to fight to keep Mr Magu in his position, saying that a man who the DSS described as a liability to the corruption fight was unfit for the post.

DENISAURUS News reached out to the man, whose identity we have chosen to protect because of the nature of his work. When asked to expaniate his argument about his dwindling support for President Buhari, he said:

“The people Baba should be protecting, he has now turned a deaf ear to. Doubt, me look at the current herdsmen crisis.

“We now buy petrol at N145 per litre and subsidy that we fought tooth and nail against is back”

In his opinion, President Buhari “is doing the same things we spoke out against during Goodluck’s regime.

“Look at Baba’s appointee’s and aides,” he said: I have never seen such nepotism, and insensitivity to citzens.”

The President’s supporter explained reasons for his support, saying: “Sometimes before the 2015 General Elections, I felt the order of the day was not going on well with the ‘Project-Nigeria’, so I decided to key into the ‘New-Order’, where a prospective CHANGE government was in the offing as promised.

“Lo and behold, I saw in the then Presidential candidate of the APC, in person of General Buhari a ‘role model,’ who will bring out Nigeria from the shackles of ‘corruption, impunity and injustice’ which had become a norm and prevalent in our country.

“As a result, I reached out to both young and old, who were close associates of Baba Buhari, and they gave their resounding receptiveness, which gave me the guts to support him.

Like many others who belived in the change campaign, “I went on a drive in encouraging friends and family members to key into the moving train of CHANGE.

“I had to come out this way to speak in hiding, after being hit by what my entire life least expected, that is to say, for my full support for GMB, after winning the Election, I have lost everything meaningful to my life.”

But the “most unfortunate thing now is that, an appointee did this to me, but known associates of PMB are aware, but the funny aspect is that the CULPRIT is so honoured by PMB despite all entreaties to call attention to the double-face displayed by the fellow”

“I am appealing to those whom PMB still listen to, or some of the President’s Aides that knew the effort I had put in to support Mr President during the Election, urgently notify PMB before I consider a wrong option, after loosing everything since 2015.

It is not certain if the President or any one in his team has reached out to the complainant.

However, what DENISAURUS News can reveal is that the mourning are not exclusive to one man. Turns out the President might have ignored other Buharists when he resumed to Aso Villa.

For example, another loyalist of President Buhari, Ibrahim Garba Wala, who gave a detailed account of  how the Chairman of Hajj Commission, Abdullahi Muktar allegedly extorted Nigerian Pilgrims of huge sums of money, was locked in detention last month.

IG Wala only regained his freedom three days ago, after much out cry by his friends on social media.

 DENISAURUS News, understands that other people are beginning to withdraw their support for the President.

Last week, former President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote a letter to President Buhari warning him not to seek re-election in 2019.

He too cited nepotism in the government as one of the reasons for withdrawing support.

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