OPINION: In Defence Of @RMKwankwaso Over Allegations Of Bigotry And Fanaticism

👤 By Dr Chima Matthew Amadi, @AMADICHIMA

Who in God’s beautiful earth is managing Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s media image. I read the barrage of allegations of bigotry against Senator Kwankwaso after my post and not a word in defense has been put forward by his handlers. I can’t keep doing your jobs for you.

How can some people come here to say that Senator Kwankwaso was a bigot as Governor when in actual fact, one of the reason’s why he lost his second term bid in 2003 was because he was seen as defending non-indigenes and Christians by the Kano fanatical horde.

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I will prove it. If Senator Kwankwaso was a bigot, how come he got the highest vote in Sabon Gari an area occupied by Igbos and other Southern ethnic groups in the 2003 elections that he lost.

How come no one is mentioning that there is a feeling that Ibrahim Shekarau punished that area for this audacity by ignoring it for development?

How come no one is telling the public that the Miss World Riots could not get to Kano because of Senator Kwankwaso’s dexterity in dousing tensions?

Why is no one telling Nigerians that Senator Kwankwaso prevented a massacre of Christians in Kano following the US invasion Of Afghanistan.

When fanatics gathered to unleash mayhem on Kano, he told them he had arranged an aircraft to take them to Afghanistan to go riot there but not in Kano.

This action eventually caused him his second term bid. How come no one is telling people that his house was targeted to be burnt after he left office by fanatics because of his liberal dispensation.

I can’t keep doing this for free o! I am not supporting anyone yet.I will support anyone that emerges but ppl who are paid to market aspirants should frigging earn it.

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