The Divide In The Presidency Reveals The Bad And Ugly Side Of Osinbajo


Interestingly, what happened yesterday when Police Officers and Secret agents were stationed at the National Assembly waiting for a plot to impeach the Senate President to materialise, and the later disciplinary action taken by the Vice President against the Director General, Department of State Services, DSS, confirms the huge divide within the Presidency.

For one, despite the Police presence at the siege at the NASS, the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris was not punished.

Instead, Lawan Daura, a patriotic secret agent and kinsman to President Muhammadu Buhari, who has had a long showdown with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, was immediately asked to hand over to the most senior official in the DSS.

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The All Progressives Congress which at first denied the raid has now claimed that Bukola Saraki, the President of the eighth NASS Senate, orchestrated the whole plot “to foment violence in the legislative chamber all in a bid to stop his impeachment.

“Why did the Senate President mobilise thugs to the National Assembly who almost lynched Hon. E.J. Agbonayinma, the only APC federal lawmaker present but for the timely intervention of security operatives.

“Why did the Senate President reconvene the National Assembly? Ostensibly as a pre-emptive move to frustrate federal lawmakers move to impeach him, the newly appointed Acting Ag. National Publicity Secretary,” Yekini Nabena wrote in an official press statement today (August 8).

Their admittance to a planned plot to remove Senator Saraki through the backdoor raises more question as to who authorised the siege at the legislative complex.

Mr Daura, an astute secret agent, DENISAURUS News understands was never party to the siege. Instead the National Security Adviser, plotted with others to achieve this plot.

In the power tussle in the Presidency it is important to note the two factions.  Mr Daura is an ally of Mamman Daura the older nephew of Mr President. While the Vice President who is in acting President mode at the moment has always provided cover for Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the “rejected” EFCC boss.

The rejection of Mr Magu, described as a “perennial offender” was a cause for worry because an arm of the Executive had written the indicting report that was used as basis for the legislative to reject him.

But, what has never really being exploited is the role EFCC staff played in gathering the intelligence on the “corrupt” Borno officer. In fact, this paper had exclusively highlighted some of the DSS report from as far back as August 2016 – the report was not sent to the NASS Senate until October of that same year. This website, having gained the trust of operatives at the anti-graft commission was informed that secret agent operatives were collating information on their boss.

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The incriminating report by the DSS, will nail Magu. It will prove what others have been saying  #DoNotConfirmMagu

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So when in December 2015, Mr Magu was to appear for screening, we reported that he was not going to be confirmed, it was because of the confidence the EFC staff had on the evidence they had submitted to the DSS.

Besides, several petitions have and continue to be sent to the Attorney General of Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami about corrupt Mr Magu.

EFCC sources who gave this paper the exclusive news of their boss’ promotion this year, were so sure that his “corrupt” ways was evidentially going to catch up on him.

However, they were shocked that after his second rejection in 2017, Professor Osinbajo looked for a loophole in the constitution to claim against the EFCC Act 2004, that Mr Magu did not need the Senate confirmation.

This warped interpretation is not in line with those who drafted the EFCC Act 2004 and the Constitution.

The EFCC was set up during the reigns of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Where the Constitution is silent on the matters of appointment of EFCC chair, Section 2(3) of the EFCC Act clearly states that “the chairman and the members of this commission shall be appointed by the president subject to the confirmation of the senate.”

The Vice President, a former Attorney General of Lagos therefore erred, when he signalled that the Senate confirmation was not needed for Mr Magu.

His statement which cheesed off lawmakers and caused a further standoff between the two arm of government, was deliberately said in an attempt to keep Mr Magu in office albeit “illegally.”

In the course of keeping Mr Magu in office, it should be noted that a second intelligence report surfaced.

This report was doctored by the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, another member of Mr Magu’s faction within the Presidency.

Despite the second report which described Mr Magu as being fit for office, the NASS Senate did not rescind its earlier decision.

Mr Magu has since remained in acting position. The NASS Senate refuse to acknowledge him  as chairman. Ultimately, the fight against corruption has been weakened.

The defining mantra for President Muhammadu Buhari’s change was his promise to kill corruption. But the fight against corruption has been badly damaged by EFCC’s Magu and the cabals that support him.

On one side General Monguno (Rtd) and a powerful Chieftain of the ruling party from the South West, who support Mr Magu and being a benefactor to Professor Osinbajo are accused of corruption.

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It should be noted too that Professor Osinbajo owes allegiance to the party chieftain, who appointed him as Attorney General in Lagos. This benefactor pulls the strings behind the scene.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a party chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has the media house and most of the Civil Society Organisation in his sleeves.

In a display of their dominance, the group are desperately gunning for Mr Magu to remain in office.

On the other divide is the dismissed former head of Internal Security, DSS, Daura. The erstwhile secret police boss is said to be close to Alhaji Mamman (Daura), Mr Abubakar SAN and Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff. This group have sauced out Mr Magu and want him replaced by someone more capable.



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