PARTY CRISIS: APC Loses Leaders In Sokoto And Kwara In Season Of Defection

👤 By Danjuma Aliyu

Aminu Tambuwal has quit the All Progressives Congress, APC hours after the Senate President announced his move to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

DENISAURUS News understands that the Deputy Governor of Kano state Hafiz Abubakar and all 23 members of the Kwara State House of Assembly bar one have all defected to the PDP.

Bolaji Abdullahi, the National Publicity Secretary of the APC has also resigned from the party as well.

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The Governor of Sokoto, who recently hit out at President Muhammadu Buhari over the “avoidable” bloodshed in the country, announced on Twitter that he was leaving the APC, which has put Nigerians in the most difficult place since the Civil war.

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In a statement released on Twitter, he said: “I have consulted widely especially with the people of Sokoto and they have confidently assured me of my next political move. I hereby defect officially to the @OfficialPDPNig .”

Governor Tambuwal, a former Speaker in the House of Representatives, was one of the leading PDP members who decamped to form the APC in 2014.

His move back to the PDP will be a big blow to President Buhari, who praised him for joining the APC when it was first formed.

“I left my comfort zone to be involved in the struggle for the enthronement of purposeful leadership for the citizen of our dear country,” he said.

However, he noted that “almost four years into what ought to be a new order as desired and elected by Nigerians the nation is unfortunately going through the most difficult and precarious times, since the Civil war; with ethno, religious and religious distrust at its highest ebb.”

He adds: “Information from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that over nine million jobs have been lost in the last 3 years, since the APC Government came into office.

“While youth unemployment rate was 11.70 per cent during the fourth quarter of 2014, it rose to 33.10 per cent in third quarter of 2017 under the APC Government.

“The economy is not showing any real signs of improvement. Our educational and health institutions are in retreat. Poverty is on rampage and still ravages the land. It is unacceptable that majority of those who voted for APC in 2015 should have nothing good to show for it,” he further stated.

In a statement posted on the @SokotoGovtHouse twitter account, he said: “We all have a duty to do our best while nudging our political parties to progressively align political contest in Nigeria along clear ideological lines; such that sooner rather than later the aspirations and the will of our people will be the determinant of election outcomes.

“Let me at this juncture state emphatically that I return to the PDP with a clear conscience today, because the party has learnt some bitter lessons and noted what mistakes it must avoid in the future.

“It is now a re-positioned and forward looking political party to which I now pledge loyalty, in my resolve to contribute towards improving the lives of Nigerians and expanding opportunities for the youths. It is only by working together as agents of development that we can promote excellence, competence, good governance and enthronement of genuine democracy to save Nigeria.”

President Buhari, who is to commence on a 10 day vacation on Friday 3 August, has previously said that he is not affected by the defection of members.

“I am confident that no harm or injury will be done by these defections, to the APC and its aspirations. I urge party faithful to not despair, but to instead see this as something that happens in seasons like this, on the eve of elections.”


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