Adams Oshiomhole Is Going To Destroy APC, Says Lasun, Deputy Speaker

👤 By Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

The new national chairman of the All Progressives Congress Adams Oshiomhole is on the path to destroying the party, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives has warned. 

Yusuf Lasun, who took part in the Osun Governorship primaries and lost to the chief of staff to the Governor, was against the method used in the elections.

He said those “those who organised that primary know they are going to destroy that party.”

In the past few days, top ranking members of the ruling party have defected to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party over grievances they have had with party leaders and the executive arm of government.

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But Mr Lasun says: “I will not leave the party, I am a member of the APC. Nobody can drive me out of the APC, instead, I will be the one to drive people out of APC.

“I did not accept the outcome of the primary election. Why would I accept that kind of primary, where a direct primary was conducted in my state, one week after another form of primary was conducted in another state.

“And I hope the chairman will wake up. That chairman is going to destroy that party. The chairman of that party is going to destroy it.

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“Let me be specific, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is going to destroy APC. I have not spoken since that primary, but I am speaking now. Nobody can drive me out of that party. I am a member of APC.

“I am going to stay right inside there, if the party is going to collapse, let it collapse on all of us. If it is going to survive, we are going to survive in it together.”




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