Prosecution Lawyers Can’t Find Evidence Against Saraki So IGP Want To Detain Him Illegally

👤 Adenike Lucas

The Director of Public Prosecution, DPP has been unable to establish any crucial evidence in the case against Bukola Saraki involving the ongoing investigation into the Offa robbery, DENISAURUS News has found.

This paper gathered this from a statement released by the President of the eight senate, Senator Saraki this evening.

Although the prosecution team has been unable to find any links with the robbery that lead to the loss of 33 lives in Ilorin this year, the Senate President said the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris, has planned to detain him illegally so as to distract plans being made by aggrieved lawmakers who wish to defect from the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

Disenchanted members of the APC are not happy with the way they were treated by the government they helped to secure victory for in the 2015 elections, and have decided to form a separate faction now known as the Reformed APC.


Members of the rAPC have been in talks with President Muhammadu Buhari and other leading members of the APC. However, sources closes to both faction say that no deal has been reached to keep both team together.

One of the leading negotiator for the rAPC, its national chairman, Buba Galadima is said to have been involved in a serious accident along Hadeija-Kano road in Jigawa state this evening.

Similarly, another leading member of the splinter group has been asked to report to the police station over robbery incident in Ilorin.

Mr Idris who has refused to honour an invitation to explain to the Senate over the killings in the country, is reportedly behind the plot against Senator Saraki.

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Seems the police chief has a vendetta against Senator Saraki who he feels led the calls for him to appear before the legislative arm of government.

A deadly operation that lead to the death of some police men in Kwara was immediately roped on the Senate President.

DENISAURUS News had previously reported the confession of the suspect who say they were sent by the devil to carry out the deadly operation which took place on April 5, 2018.

Despite the confession and no evidence against Senator Saraki, who was given the title Wazirin Garin of Ilorin on Sunday by the Emir of the State, the IGP has asked him to appear before the office of the Intelligence Response Team tomorrow (Tuesday 25 July, 2018)  in connections on the robbery.

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The lawmaker who was recently cleared of all charges filled against him over false declaration of assets at the Code Of Conduct Tribunal, CCT by the Supreme Court, believes the latest invitation by the police chief is to stop members from leaving the APC.

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Senator Saraki in a statement posted on Twitter said: “I have been reliably informed that the police invitation was planned by IG as a ploy to stop an alleged plan by some Senators and House of Representatives members from defecting from the All Progressives Congress (APC). It was also said that if I was detained between Tuesday and Wednesday, that will abort the so-called defection plan.

“While I continue to maintain that the issue of my position on the 2019 elections is not a personal decision for me alone to make, it should be noted that all these concoctions and evil plot cannot deter me. Those behind this fresh assault will fail as I have nothing to do with the robbery incident or any criminal matter for that matter.

“I am aware that following a request made by the Police on June 13, 2018 to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) of the Federation had written a legal advice dated June 22, 2018, in which he stated on page 5, paragraph (f) that for the Senate President and the Kwara State Governor, this office is unable to establish from the evidence in the interim report a nexus between the alleged office and the suspects

“The Police have obviously corrupted and politicized their investigations into the Offa robbery incident. They have turned it into an instrument for the party in power to suppress perceived opponents, witchunt issue for blackmailing people from freely choosing which platform on which they want to pursue their ambition and a matter for harassing the people whose exit from APC would harm the chances of the party in the forthcoming elections.

“I want to make it apparent that I have no hand in either the robbery incident or any criminal activity. The Police in their haste to embarrass me sent the invitation to me at 8pm and requested that I report to the station by 8am tomorrow morning. This obviously demonstrated their desperation as I do not see why they are now in a hurry.

“They also stated in today’s letter that because in my response of June 7, 2018 to their own letter written on June 4, 2018, I stated that I was responding simply to the contents of the letter and that the full text of the statement made by the arrested suspects which they claimed indicted me was not made available to me, they were now including the suspects statements in the current letter. Yet, instead of including the suspects’ statements, they only attached two copies of my own letter to the invitation. No suspects statement was made available.

“This plot aimed at compelling me and my associates to stay in a party where members are criminalised without just cause, where injustice is perpetrated at the highest level and where there is no respect for constitutionalism is an exercise in futility and it will fail.

“Once again, my confidence in God and our judicial system remains intact and unshaken. The truth shall also prevail in this case.”

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