Corruption Briefing: Anti-Graft Tweet “Parri Over” To Fayose Proves That MAGU’s EFCC Is A Tool For Fighting Opposition


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, led by Ibrahim Mustafa Magu has been accused of being partial in the fight against corruption, following a tweet from the anti-graft agency against Ayodele Fayose.

The “dumb” tweet which reads “parri is over,” pledged to bring an immediate case against the outgoing Governor whose deputy, Olusola Eleka, lost an election to the ruling All Progressives Congress in Ekiti on Saturday.

Mr Eleka has rejected the results of the elections besides, peeved Nigerians said, Mr Fayose is expected to remain in office until October 16, 2018 when he officially hands over to Kayode Fayemi, the APC candidate.

This paper understands that Mr Fayose’s office grants him immunity from public prosecution at the moment, so why did the EFCC hurriedly post such message which has since been deleted.

DENISAURUS News managed to get a screen grab before it was taken down from the Commission’s verified account.


Nigerians showed their anger in their response to the post by The Eagle, a name associated to the anti-graft agency on social media.

They said the EFCC has in the tweet shown it was a partisan agency. It has sided with the ruling party by deciding to launch an attack against Mr Fayose immediately after an election his candidate had lost.

Responding to the tweet, one person said: “Less than 24 hours after Ekiti election, @officialEFCC posted this, isn’t it embarrassing ? Y was it taken down ? Don’t U expect back lash ? Why not wait till he handover ? RU a remote in the hand of subscriber(s) I sincerely count on you.”

“I saw the EFCC “parri over” tweet. Dumb move & good news for Fayose. They have shown their hand to early. My advice 2 him:do not attempt to run, ask Ibori, that will be your undoing. Get very smart & roforofo SANs like Ozekhome, meet them in the jungle. Run & Justice will be swift,” another added.

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Mr Magu, a perennial offender, whose nomination as the fourth chairman of the anti-graft agency was rejected twice by lawmakers, following an indicting report from the Department of State Security Service, DSS remains in office thanks to the support he gets from the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

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DENISAURUS News has in the past been informed by sources that the recently promoted Commissioner of Police is being kept by Professor Osinbajo in order to attack the opposition in the 2019 elections.

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Mr Magu who was seen wearing a re-election lapel badge of President Muhammadu Buhari on live TV showed his card has been accused of corruption by staff members of the commission.

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Many of those allegations against Mr Magu, which were reported exclusively by this paper, were later contained in the indicting report written by the secret police.

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