UPDATE | N702M DIVERSION: EFCC’s Magu Guffed Over Response To @Denisaurus_UK News, Indicts Self Further

👤 By Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has goofed up yet again, in his response to our exclusive report on the diversion of new staff salaries.

In a report published by DENISAURUS News on July 11, 2018, sources at the anti-graft commission informed this paper that new cadres who reported for training in March 2017,  had not been paid for a year and their 28 day allowance was not released to them.

DENISAURUS News discovered that, “it was on 11th May 2018, that detective superintendent course 7 (DSC7) total over 300 Cadets, passed out of the rigorous and unnecessary training at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) old site, the DSC7 reported for training on March 18th 2017.”

According to our sources: “After the passing out parade of the 314 officers, they proceeded to EFCC training academy Karu Abuja for induction training, documentation and so called demilitarization of the officers, which eventually ended on 15th June 2018 and they were posted to the various zonal offices of the commission, and asked to unfailingly report on 19th of June 2018.”

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Other senior staff had also complained to the paper that they were having difficulties trying to access their EFCC Cooperative savings, and were repeatedly been told that there was no money.

As a reputable media with a duty to protect sources, we have hidden the identities of this bold whistle blowers, all of whom stand by their claims about the acting chairman not paying their salaries; some owed June wages.

While, the spokesperson of the Commission admitted that some staff were yet to be paid, he claimed that new cadets were not “entitled to any 28 days allowance during training and the mandatory one year internship after training.”

“It is true that officers of the DS Course 7 are yet to receive their June Salary, he said: “The delay was caused by the simple fact that they were not enrolled into the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, IPPIS, early enough to collect their June Salary.

“They have since been enrolled and would be paid their entitlement,” the EFCC Spokesperson says in a statement posted on the Commission’s Facebook page.

But, our sources stood by their claims saying, they should have been enrolled into the system over three months ago.

They admitted that a sum of N50,000 was hurriedly paid into their account after the DENISAURUS News report published last week.

Despite calling Wilson Uwujaren and requesting for a comment before the story with the title – How EFCC’s Magu Diverted Over N702M As 13 Months Salaries Of Newly Employed Operatives, Among Other Infractions was published, the EFCC only decided to publish its own response more than 72 hours after the news report had gone viral online.

In his refute, the Commission spokesperson admitted that staff members were having problem accessing loans from the Cooperative.

Mr Uwujaren said the problem “arose from the dwindling resources available to the Society. “This was caused by the Commission’s recent migration to the IPPIS platform which is configured to accept only statutory deductions, consequently monthly receipts by the Cooperative dropped.

“But it is a temporary disruption, which is already being addressed by the Finance and Account Department of the Commission.”

DENISAURUS News was informed by staff members that what they were trying to access from EFCC Cooperative, were previous monies gathered not prospective monies about to be accrued.

However, the EFCC Spokesman also claimed regarding  five months outstanding salaries of seconded policemen, that “Equally false is the claim that Police Officers on secondment are being owed salaries of between five and seven months. Police officers attached to the Commission are paid by their mother agency, the Nigeria Police. What they collect from the EFCC is the differential between their police pay and the salary of officers of equivalent rank in the EFCC.”

This is another blatant lie from the EFCC spokesperson, DENISAURUS News can report.

We had reported in our previous exposé, on how an erstwhile EFCC Chair, Ibrahim Lamorde and the current anti-graft boss, Mr Magu both conspired to steal from the Commission in respect to salaries of seconded policemen.

The musketeers would budget for these funds, as though the policemen are full time staff of the EFCC.

According to a source, Mr Magu and his predecessor, Mr Lamorde were receiving full salaries and allowances for seconded police officers at the anti-graft agency.

Unfortunately, the policemen are given half-pay to complement their police salaries, while the rest is diverted into private pocket.

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The paper has made a new attempt to speak to Mr Mr Uwujaren again so as to get more clarification on his signed statement. However, no response was given at the time of publishing this update.

In response to the EFCC’s refute, Adenike Lucas, the editor of DENISAURUS News, who investigated and compiled the original report of diverted staff salaries alongside Danjuma Aliyu, the paper’s editorial director, said: “Our immediate reply for now is to remind the public and Mr MAGU, that as the first to exclusively publish the indicting report from the Department of State Security Services (DSS) that resulted in the rejection of his nomination as chairman, our reports are factual.”

Miss Lucas was replying to the first public statement released by Mr Uwujaren, where after admitting to the Commission owing staff salaries and problems with access to EFCC Cooperative funds, asked if all these circumstances and factors is enough prove that Mr Magu is “undermining the fight against corruption.”

According to Mr Uwujaren, it’s a “question only DENISAURUS (News) can answer.”

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In her own statement, Miss Lucas referred the Commission to its denial of the Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU suspension, a report that was exclusively published in May 2017 on this website.


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Recently, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the NFIU Act, which will allow the department now operate as an autonomous and independent unit, as required by the world financial body that suspended Nigeria from accessing its server.

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“Mr Magu should be reminded that his actions are indefensible. We would not like to join issues with him as he makes blind arguments, but we do well in reminding him of our exclusive report on the NFIU suspension which he was quick to deny then as “propaganda and sponsored,” Miss Lucas said, adding that: “when the NFIU was suspended by the Egmont Group, Mr Magu, a ‘perennial offender’ claimed that nothing was ‘disconnected’ but the world now knows he is a liar.”

She said: “similarly, if one reads this response from the Commission’s spokesperson on our recent report on diversion of salaries, it is very easy to spot all the lies Mr Magu is telling.

“DENISAURUS News, stands with the DSS who described Mr Magu as a corrupt officer, one who is a liability to the fight against graft.”

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