BBOG Campaigner: “President Buhari, You Have Failed, Caused More Division, Distrust And Fear In The Land, What Moral Jusification Do You Have To Seek For Re-election?”


Aisha Yesufu is a leading member of the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign.

In 2014, she along with others had set up the campaign group to raise awareness of the abduction of over 200 girls from a school in Chibok, Borno state.

By the 2015 election, their movement had become popular and the All Progressives Congress, APC, an opposition party at the time, leveraged on the popularity of the campaign.

The APC flagship Presidential candidate, who went on to win that election promised to lead the Nigerian Army from the front and ensure that all the missing girls are returned to their families.

But, three years on and some of the girls are still with their kidnappers.

Boko Haram has since gone on to kidnap other girls from Dapchi, Yobe State.

The only Christian from the kidnapped 110 girls still remain in captivity.

Although he promised to lead the war against insurgency from the front, President Muhammadu Buhari has so many times been slow to react to various issues bordering on security.

There have been unpalatable suffering and death from across the North Central to the North East of Nigeria.

Despite these failures to curb the herdsmen crisis and other strenuous issues facing Nigerians, President Buhari, 75, announced plans to seek a second term.

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Not only was the time of the announcement wrong, it happened on a day Benue was mourning, and  hours after declaring his intention to run in 2019, Nigeria’s President flew out of the country to the United Kingdom to receive treatment.

“President you go on medical tourism you condemned when you were begging to be voted to be President, Mrs Yesufu said.

She asked the President if he has any “moral justification” to for re-election because “you have not even tried to make any hospital world class so citizens with similar ailment as yours can benefit from what you get in England.”

The activist, who continues to hold sit out in order to keep the campaign to find the last hundred Chibok girls, notes that the suffering in the land was much.

In a twitter post, she said: “there is hunger in the land. More jobs have been lost than created.  Not a word of understanding or apology to the people rather name calling and denials.”

DENISAURUS News understands that at least 15 people were killed on Friday by herdsmen in Zamafara. The Governor of the state, Abdulaziz Yari who says he is helpless in the situation argued that the title Chief Security Officer was a nomenclature just in name.

He said: “We have been facing serious security challenges over the years, but in spite of being governor and Chief Security Officer of the state, I cannot direct security officers on what to do nor sanction them when they err.” Reacting to his statement Mrs Yesufu saw it has a failing of the APC government, the platform that brought Governor Yari into power.

She said:  “the so called Commander-In-chief who happens to be a General is as clueless as a babe in the woods. He is as cold and indifferent!

“The people have abdicated their responsibility to God without even an attempt to do anything. Isn’t it time to impeach Governor Yari?

“Today President @MBuhari is the Chief administrator of the bigger abattoir Nigeria has been turned to and many want us to not speak as we spoke out last administration.  Hypocrisy is not in DNA it is acquired. That you acquired it doesn’t mean we have to.

“You have not led from the front. You make excuses as citizens are being killed. You have not been a leader with empathy to the victims and families of citizens affected. What moral justification do you have to seek for re-election?

“Your supporters are claiming it’s the fault of those you appointed by yourself just like we heard last administration. What changed?” she asked

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In her twitter post, Mrs Yesufu went on to pose to her over 500K followers questions for President Buhari to answer if he wants to be considered for re-election.

She said President Buhari is “still flying Presidential jets, you said you would do away with and fly commercial like everyone. (Integrity is making your words your bond)What moral justification do you have to seek for re-election?

“You have caused more division, distrust and fear in the land. What moral justification do you have to seek for re-election?

“You repeated & increased the mistakes that made citizens to vote out cluelessness. You decided to have Zamfara & Benue IDPs apart from the Borno IDPs we were dealing with. What moral justification do you have to seek for re-election?”



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