Saraki’s Link With Offa Bank Robbery And The Error Of The Nigerian Police Force

👤By Com. Adeola Soetan

What has been established truly is that there is a sponsored flourishing Nest of Killers as political thugs around the government house and rogue political power cartel in Kwara State.

This is equally the practice in most states (if not all) where the political power brokers in and out of power keep specially empowered privileged political thugs as hit squads for empire domination and control.

Instead of this Offa bank robbery to implicate the integrity challenged Senate President, what a more diligent and unbiased professional police should have done in the Saraki’s case was to have duly investigated those past electoral crimes of the ‘Saraki’s political thugs (now armed robbers) which could have even involved murder, arson, and even robbery of political opponents.

Then they can use the confessional statements of the bandits as being political thugs that had committed electoral crimes to nail Saraki for diligent prosecution to get a conviction because linking Saraki with the bank robbery can never fly in the face of law except in the face of politics.

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It is like linking Tinubu with any robbery act if committed by Mclee Oluomo and co of Osodi fame who are alleged to be beneficiaries of Tinubu’s huge financial and influence support for political purpose. Or to link ex – governors Akala / Ladoja to various crimes allegedly committed by Tokyo and co when they veered off from political thuggery they were ably empowered to do during PDP’s violent years in Oyo State when the late Adedibu was the Garrison Commander of Oyo State politics.

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So, are we saying that if these Offa bank robbers were sent on holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem by Saraki as his confessed political thugs and were caught while trafficking cocaine, would Saraki be vicariously liable for their drug trafficking crime? No please except they proved beyond reasonable doubt that the purpose he sent them was to carry hard drugs to the ‘holy lands’

Until there is System Change, politics and power acquisition would continue to be a dangerous game exclusive to the daring rogue elite class members that would do anything to capture, dominate and preserve their states and Nigeria as private estates for individual and group interest.

For how long their crooked reign would last can only be determined by us only if we are determined to change the existing rotten pro – rich capitalist system that puts political and economic power in the hands of few privileged rogues.





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