Obasanjo Denies Endorsing Buhari For A Second Term

đŸ‘€Â By Danjuma Aliyu

Olusegun Obasanjo, a former President of Nigeria has denied endorsing President Muhammadu Buhari’s bid for re-election.

In January, Chief Obasanjo openly condemned President Buhari in a letter. He stated that the former Military General who was elected in 2015, had failed to perform and needed to take a “deserved rest” from politics.

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However, over the last 24 hours, Chief Obasanjo’s media aide said “falsehoods aimed at hoodwinking the unsuspecting Nigerians to believe that Obasanjo has now supported Buhari for his second term,” was been circulated in the media.

Kayode Adeyemi blamed the fake news of support on “some elements” in the Muhammadu Buhari camp and or support group, who are desperate to secure a second term.

“For the record, Obasanjo has not and cannot endorse failure. His position remains as stated in his January 23rd, 2018 statement on the state of the nation. Chief Obasanjo sympathises with the plight of those campaigners and supporters of Buhari. He doesn’t believe dishing out fake news that can only be believed by imbeciles will turn black into white.”

He added: “Nigerians know that Chief Obasanjo has only spoken the truth about widening poverty, alienation and social disunity and near disintegration of the country through Buhari’s incompetence. Obasanjo will continue to exercise his right to free speech and no amount of hate speech will assuage Nigerians who are in need of a brand new leadership. The mediocre performance of Buhari cannot be described by anybody as ‘superlative’ even by morons not the least President Obasanjo.”

President Buhari has lost much of the good will that helped him defeat an incumbent President through the ballot box.

Critics of the 75-year-old, who is currently on an official visit to the US accuse him of using a soft approach when dealing with herdsmen who have killed thousands in the North Central.

DENISAURUS News reported the murder of two priests by herdsmen on April 24. The Nigerian President, grand patron of the Miyetti-Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MCBAN, has been slow in curbing the killings.

At a joint press briefing, President Buhari was openly castigated by his US counterpart for the killings of Christians in Nigeria.

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As for the trip the US, Chief Obasanjo’s aide said it was an opportunity for President Buhari to “self-redeem,” but he “bungled” it.

“For whatever the meeting was worth, President Buhari again bungled another opportunity to self-redeem.

“No wonder President Trump ordered him in a rather condescending manner to go back home and stop the killings going on in Nigeria!

“We hope now Buhari will heed Trump’s advice which hopefully will be considered non-abusive,” Mr Adeyemi’s statement reads.




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