Kwankwasiyya Supporters Launch New Network In Anticipation Of 2019 Election

By Abdul Tukur, Kaduna 

Supporters of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso have launched a new campaign to support any plans he might have come 2019.

The RMK support group, which is part of the large Kwankwasiyya Movement has thousands of supporters all across Nigeria.

DENISAURUS News understands that the new network was established for “young and old men and women of all classes in the entire Kaduna State.”

In a letter seen by this paper, Tukur Mohammed, the group coordinator said: “We have come together under one umbrella to rejoice on our new group to celebrate the formation of the RMK Support Group.”

Campaigners of the Kwankwasiyya group in Kano, mobilised and were able to swing the vote for their chosen candidate in the 2015 elections.

Should their leader decide to stand as President, they have groups of loyalists across the 36 states in Nigeria to mobilise the required support for him.


In the statement, the group said Senator Kwankwaso is the “most credible candidate.”

The collective decision to support Senator (Dr) Rabiu’u Musa Kwankwaso is after a critical examination of all the past and present candidates to see who amongst can deliver and able to restore confidence and hope in Nigerian citizens of this country, they say: “We see no one can do that except you our able Senator.”

“The present generation of Nigerians should be aware that it would be an absolute abomination if, through acts of commission or omission, we were to allow Nigeria to be destroyed while it is our own turn to be on watch.

“At this time to select a credible leader is of paramount important, henceforth, we are so glad to be here with so many representatives from all part of Kaduna to take part in this laudable Declaration to support you as our credible candidate.”


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