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Judge Permit Doctors To Turn Off Baby Isaiah Haastrup’s Life Support

By Christian Smith

A British judge has ruled that doctors treating 11-month old Isaiah Haastrup can switch off his life support.

The families of the little boy, who suffered “catastrophic” brain damage after being deprived of oxygen when he was born, want him to continue to receive treatment.

However, doctors from King’s College Hospital in London argued that treatment to prolong his life was “not in his best interests.”

Justice MacDonald, who announced his decision at the High Court in Birmingham on Monday, agreed with the doctors.

In his ruling, the judge said: “Examining Isaiah’s best interests from a broad perspective…I am satisfied that it is not in his best interests for life-sustaining medical treatment to be continued.”

This case is similar to that of baby Charlie Gard.

The parent of 11-month baby Gard, who was diagnosed with infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, wanted to take him to a US doctor to receive an experimental treatment.

But, doctors at the Great Ormond Street Hospital said the treatment would only cause more suffering.



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