Current Affairs

#PMQs: Corbyn Tells May To Get Out The Way If She Can’t Solve Important Issues Facing The Country

By Christian Smith

Jeremy Corbyn has advised the Prime Minister to leave the stage if she can’t solve important issues facing the country. 

The leader of the Labour party asked Theresa May during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions to give an outline of the Government’s position with regards to the Irish border.

However, Ms May could not provide the answer. She instead claimed it would be solved in the next phase of Brexit talks.

Mr Corbyn replied this statement with another witty remark saying, “18 months since the referendum, no answers to the questions… Today, they have not yet concluded phase one and the DUP appear to be ruling the roost.

“This government is unable to solve important issues facing this country,” he said.

“In fact, it is making them worse. The economy is slowing, more people in poverty, Brexit negotiation in a shambles. This government is clearly not fit for the future.

“If they cant negotiate a good deal would not it be better if they just got out the way.”

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