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Prime Minister Under Intense Pressure To Sack Priti Patel Over Secret Israel Meetings

By Christian Smith

The Prime Minister is facing intense pressure to sack her current Secretary of State for International Development.

Priti Patel, who entered parliament as the MP for Witham in 2010, is accused of holding secret meetings with Israeli politicians in August.

The minister who apologised after admitting to holding 12 meeting with Israeli politicians – including with the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu while on a personal vacation, has been recalled by the Prime Minister to return to London today from an official trip to Kenya.

But, media report have seen new evidence which suggest that Mrs Patel allegedly held two other meetings without civil servants present in Israel. The Secretary of State allegedly did not disclose the meeting to Theresa May on Monday.

She also paid a visit to an Israeli military field hospital in the Golan Heights, an area that Britain does not recognise.

The junior cabinet minister is expected to meet with Mrs May to discover her fate when she arrives back to London in a few hours from now.

If sacked, Mrs Patel would be the second minister to have lost her cabinet position in just one week.



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