President Buhari Jokes With Maya Jamal, Shy Three Year Old Nigerian Fan

By Adenike Lucas

Maya Jamal became famous when she asked to meet with “Baba Buhari.” 

The three year old finally got her wish to meet President Muhammadu Buhari today at the Villa, however she was so “shy.”

“I can see Maya is so shy,” Nigeria’s number one man said. He then asked his super fan why she was shy, considering her videos asking to meet him had gone viral.


President Buhari played host to two other young supporters – Nicole Benson, 12, and Aisha Gebbi, 10.

Miss Benson, a student of Greensprings School in Lekki, Lagos, donated her N5,785 lunch money to the then Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, who went on to defeat an incumbent for the first time in Nigeria’s history.

“Nicole, I congratulate you, and myself for being here today. Your contribution made a great impact. As you can see, I am here in the Presisential Villa,” President Buhari said during the meeting.

He expressed delight in Miss Gebbi, who wrote him a letter from Bauchi. The President who said her letter was “heart-warming” hopes there will be more visits from the children.

“I am hoping that it will not be the first and last time we will be meeting while I am here. We will continue to meet even after I have left here.”



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