Presidency Responds To Claims Osinbajo Has Been Side-lined

By Danjuma Aliyu

A Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari has denied claims that Professor Yemi Osinbajo has been side-lined since the return of the President.

A US based online newspaper that has constantly quoted dubious sources from the Presidency republished a story claiming that members of a cabal “tried to ensure that Osinbajo was not in control of the government.”

In the report, an unnamed source close to the President “described the return of the President as bittersweet. They seem to have a disproportionate influence on what he Buhari does, what he says, and who he appoints.”

But, Garba Shehu said “it is absolutely nonsensical and absurd to write that in one week of the President’s return, the Vice President has been sidelined.


The Presidential spokesman explained that “As Acting President, Vice President Osinbajo enjoyed he support of the Villa staff and the entire cabinet. Otherwise he would not have succeeded and earn the praises of the president, adding that “Quite to the contrary, the Vice President remains the confidante and the closest adviser to the President.

“He has attended all the President’s engagements all through the week with the exception of two: one, the VP was away to Taraba State and two, the Juma’at Muslim prayer because he is a Christian,” Mallam Garba added.

Mallam Garba also denounced the allegations made about the President’s chief of staff, Abba Kyari.

“A careful assessment of some of these allegations with a rational mind will show that there is an orchestrated campaign to smear the CoS and indirectly the President,,” he said.

“If I can speculate on the matter, I will say that the problem Mallam Abba Kyari has with most people is that  he, like the President he serves, will not throw money at people in order to please them.

“As CoS, Mallam has refused to keep cash imprest and has turned down a monthly grant of N200 million customarily gibe to the office. This is money freely spent because they were not required to account for what they did with it.”



















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