#EFCC Chair: The Abracadabra And Paradoxical Nature of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu

đŸ‘€Â Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News

Power is intoxicating. So much so that absolute power, they say corrupts absolutely. In the case of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, this powerful maxim has proven to be true.

Mr Magu’s quest for power has revealed much about his corrupt nature. Many of the atrocities have been reported on this news site, but for the sake of clarity, it would be repeated in this editorial.

So, for example, months before the main stream media picked up the news of Nigeria’s suspension from the Egmont group, DENISAURUS News had exclusively reported it.

In May, this online newspaper got the information that Nigeria’s Financial Intelligence Unit had been removed from the crucial body of financial server due to sabotage by Mr Magu – whose desperate ploy to be made substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is well detailed in this newspaper.

In his paradoxical nature of seeking power, Mr Magu hid the news of the suspension from his supervisory boss, the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, SAN.

The Borno born officer dealt with the problem he caused in the arrogant way he was used to.  He released a false statement to deny the suspension, claiming that “the NFIU continues to enjoy all the privileges due to it.”

The same way he deceived Nigerians with the press statement released on May 11, where he claimed that the report of the suspension “exists only in the imagination of the author and her paymasters,” Mr Magu is now sponsoring squalor blogs and unethical Civil Society Organisations, as he continues to sabotage the effort of the Federal Government in its bid to lift the suspension from Egmont.

Had Mr Magu’s ego and bitterness at his rejection by the Senate not got in the way of things, he would have informed his supervisor of the suspension immediately after he was warned. But, Mr Magu does not like and will not submit to the AGF.  He even let his emotion about Mr Malami show in a television interview.

Judging from his fierce attack against the journalist in the video clip mark 3:46, it does not take an Einstein to note that Mr Magu does not like the AGF.

So, when an aide to the AGF, Salihu Othman Isah, says Mr Magu is sabotaging the corruption fight, it is a picture of the truth of how devious the self acclaimed anti-corruption czar has become.

A trusted colleague of Mr Magu, says the rejected anti-graft officer holds a grudge against the AGF because he thinks his nomination as the 4th Executive Chairman was stalled by the AGF, a claim that is untrue.

Mr Magu was rejected due to an intelligence report which indicted him. In the report, Mr Magu was described as a liability to the corruption fight.

Mr Magu who had to cut short his trip to Vienna last week, faced the Senate on March 15,  2017, but failed to defend himself against the indicting report by the Department of State Service.

The abracadabra he performed with recoveries has since been seen for what it is, a gimmick. Despite his presumed “executive powers,” there has been no conviction of any Politically Exposed Person under Mr Magu’s tenure and it’s all his fault as the success of a prosecution team is based on the investigation gathered.

Mr Magu is a whack investigator. He piles up uncountable charges that can’t land convictions. He is also known to be one to initiate a case before gathering evidence, whereas, in a sane climate, the opposite is required.

Had it not been for the AGF, Mr Magu would have been left embarassed over the Malabu case.

Mr Malami, SAN having noticed an error made by Mr Magu, used his ministerial supervisory role and power enshrined in Section (174) of the 1999 Constitution, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to request for Mr Magu to file a charge against all those involved in the awarding of the Oil Prospecting Licence (OPL) 245, known as the Malabu Oil Deal.


Mr Malami is striving to strengthen the institution and close loop holes, while Mr Magu is focused on fighting perceived enemies.

Mr Magu has so failed with his gra-gra blackmail method of harassment, even whistle-blowers are no longer trusting of him.

But instead of taking cues from Mr Malami, SAN, Nigeria’s chief law enforcer, Mr Magu is tackling corruption on the pages of newspapers. One of the reasons why Nigeria was suspended from the Egmont group.


His monotonous rhyme of  “corruption fighting back,” is another parodox of his nature.

The story of the suspension, was not corruption fighting back. Neither was the expose written by Ms Lucas, which led to the arrest of the popular publisher Abusidiqu.

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The accusation by staff that was published on this website and Abusidiqu’s blog were later corroborated by the DSS, who stated out rightly that Mr Magu has failed the integrity test.

A power drunk anti-corruption boss, who still lives in the Maitaima house provided by the detained air commodore Umar Mohammed, may not like to see the truth, and his media friends may continue to do an image laundry on his behalf, yet the fact of the matter is the DSS report dated October 3, 2016 and December 19, 2016 was right about Mr Magu.

Mr Magu is a bent officer! Thankfully, people are wiser now and can see through his defenders. With his excuses no longer holding water before their eyes, they now seen him for who he is, a liar. Albeit unwillingly, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, is fastly running out of lies to tell.

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