Exclusive: By Comr. T. M Inuwa

End of Boko Haram

I don’t have to be a smart intelligence officer or a psycholinguist to know that. Boko Haram may soon be dumped, exposed with its commanders unveiled and taken down after achieving the diabolic aim of destroying, drugging their fighters into a robotic maniacs, and armed violence to depopulate, kill, incapacitate and displace millions of innocent persons internally and externally leaving behind an unprecedented human catastrophe of deranged and incapacitated persons.

The soon to be unveiled series of exposés would facilitate the fight against graft, the reconstruction of destroyed habitats, education and historical religious sites along with their dignity, pride and decent cultural/religious values and orientation. Let me give u a clue to the surely coming new trends.

The Western mainstream media used to propel the activities of the mother and senior sisters of Boko Haram such as al Qaeda, Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Al Shabab of Somalia, ISIL/ISIS of Asia and beyond etc.

Now the same media addresses them as ‘so called ISIS’ etc. and the same change of language awaits Boko Haram in north eastern Nigeria and Francophone nations of Niger, Chad and Cameroun that share the oil rich and strategically located Lake Chad Basin which was earlier dammed to block water with was the crux of food security in West and Central Africa with a view to fast tracking ignorance, poverty, and restiveness in the region.

Boko Haram fighters will now be starved of funds, drugs and ammunitions with the zeal to kill, maim and do anything that Islam forbids, yet the Western media has been calling them Islamic jihadists. Jihad is the same as crusade which was only launched at Arab pagans who always sought to attack and kill the few Muslims at the time of the Prophet hence his order to pre-empt the pagans in self-defence.

In this 21st Century, the word Jihad can only mean self-defence and use of media to preach the message of Islam in Peace without any iota of compulsion. Having been left frustrated, the Boko Haram fighters have the options of:

1) Voluntary surrender having been cordoned by the troops, 2) or get killed to avoid interrogation after capture by the troops, 3) Get killed by their own while attempting to run away with flimsy excuses of attending summits outside the country, where they will be captured and repatriated, 4) Be starved to death, weakened for lack of drugs and fuel to use vehicles to run towards the borders and 5) To be captured or smoked out by the Nigerian troops or those of neighbouring countries or multinational forces.

By now, the security forces will have properly coordinated their operations to finally particularly the army and air power from the Air Force with tactical clues offered by their comrades at arms who are already in custody.

So, I was not surprised to hear General Tukur Buratai order the field Commander of Operation Lafia Dole Major Gen Ibrahim Attahiru to lay hands on Shekau alive or dead since it is unwise to let Shekau know that they are coming for him if the Armed Forces have not neither cordoned him nor captured him dead or alive.

They army must have been very sure of doing one of the above. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s help our Armed Forces with prayers for a finale of Boko Haram insurgency which was one of the many others created by foreign intelligences such as the CIA for economic, political and other strategic reasons through a misplaced ideology anchored on religion with the petrodollars of Arab and Muslim countries who are expected to propagate the peaceful message of Islam due to heavy arms twisting and harassment from the US and allies who are now licking their own socioeconomic wounds at home.

The Middle Eastern countries were forced to play ball to preserve their power or face democratic election at which their will have lost to the people, the way UK lost to Brexit, France to Freeze Macron, US with the defeat of preferred candidates of both Democrat and Republican establishment Hillary Clinton (Dem) and (Rep ) Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Senator Ted Cruz.

They all lost to a green horn Donald Trump who was all along a successful businessman with flair in estate management following doggedly sustained media exposés of harassing establishment’s secretly sent diplomatic cables to leaders of Africa, Muslim/Arab countries to do the bidding of US, government of Israel (not all Jews favour the occupation of Palestine ) with unquestionable support from her traditional allies particularly Britain, France, etc to key into and some European govternments of the establishment’s dictate with treacherous self-serving foreign policies.

The unprecedented exposure of secret deals, double standards, espionage, concocted wars etc gave allies like Germany, France and a few others to put their eggs in different baskets by forging new alliances for win-win deals with China, Russia and the rest of the world, thus, leaving American establishment in an ambiguous adventure to be alone in acting the script of her coveted above the law master Israel which is now creating trouble in AL Aqsa mosques to distract the UN this Monday’s and various international and regional organisations from calling her bluff to remove the cameras that it installed inside the Aqsa mosque which prompted Palestinians to pray outside the mosque, to defer the lifting siege on Palestine.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to form a united front in ending the NOW so called ISIS as well as analyse the double game of Trump’s America in the region and Yemen. The low popularity of President Trump and his so called America first along with budget cut for regional organisations like NATO, his withdrawal from the Paris agreement on global warming, immigration stringent vetting policy on Arab and Muslim citizens visiting America.

Already some economically viable American states have challenged Trump’s executive orders including sticking to Paris agreement with some protests to consider opting out of the USA, just as the UK’s Scotland and Ireland threats to do the same in order to remain within European Union.

With the newly exposed flaws of Western type of democracy and its failed capitalist system, African countries should look for a hybrid economic and political systems based on their own values with additional parts from the best parts of other democracies that best suit their social settings, following Eureka of the massive flaws in electronic voting system which can be hacked plus the undemocratically imposed electoral colleges where the highest votes do not guarantee a presidential victory through which George Bush and Trump snatched the White House from Dems AL Gor and Hillary Clinton.

With this unstoppable global change, the self-acclaimed gods of Democracy in their capacity of world Police are now more exposed as fallible by the Might of the Almighty God that saw to the massive awareness of American and European citizens at home and mocked abroad, particularly after the invasion and destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria forcing millions of refugees into Europe, thus, creating more socioeconomic challenges.

The ongoing global change is against mega corruption, treachery and deceit of the corrupt establishment does indeed favour peace, good governance and respect for various cultural and religious values hence my earlier post which I tagged as Western democracy is sick. Like ISIS being now called as SO CALLED ISIS by the mainstream media of the West, Boko Haram too will soon be history, Insha Allah with the hope that those who sponsored its atrocities are made to account for their crimes against humanity. But it may take some time to fish out the suicide bombers who are drugged to robotic lunacy with LSD to kill non Boko Haram adherents and die in the process as a guaranteed passage to their so called ‘paradise’, a violent and satanic doctrine created by Western Intelligence and sponsored by Eastern petrodollars.

Lastly, let me add that after the Qatar blockade, the GCC (Gulf Countries Committee), and Arab League may never be the same again unless presidents of nonaligned or neutral African and Latin American countries play the card of reconciliation. As for politics in Nigeria, money bags, vote buying and deceit by corrupt politicians may no longer determine their election in future if they don’t help this corrective PMB govt with sincere advice to fix the basics before 2019 election, which may not necessarily hold if the distracting agitations and strikes do not stop.

All the 3 arms of government i.e. the National Assembly, the judiciary and the executive had better cooperate with one another to pull Nigeria out of its endemic corruption, violent crimes, and economic problems especially by those who abused the trust of the people and milked Nigeria dry. Their safe landing is better guaranteed if they voluntarily return their loots, join the people in seeing that both Federal Government and state governments fix basic infrastructure such as affordable electricity, create well paid jobs to give hope to the youths, and alleviate the suffering of the masses NOW if they are to avoid their anger à la Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, etc.

Verily, the writing is BOLD on the wall. God bless and help Nigeria as well as all other countries that are ridden by oppression/insurgency/disease/poverty ridden countries.

Have a great week ahead!


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