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Princess Diana’s Brother Believes Buckingham Palace “Lied To” Him About Princes Wanting To Follow Sister’s Coffin

By Christian Smith

Princess Diana’s brother believes Buckingham Palace “lied to” him about Princes William and Harry wanting to walk behind their mother’s coffin.

Speaking to the BBC’s Radio 4, Earl Spencer, 53, said it was “bizarre and cruel thing” for the young members of the royal family to have been made to stroll behind their mom’s coffin.

The 53-year-old, the legal guardian to Prince William and Prince Harry who was 12 at the time said: “I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.”

Listen here –

Diana's brother Earl Spencer with Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles during Diana's funeral in 1997

In a programme to mark the 20th anniversary of his sister’s death, the earl said: “I was lied to and told that [the princes] wanted to do it, which of course they didn’t.”

He also noted that the funeral procession was “the most horrifying half an hour of my life.”

“It was the worst part of the day by a considerable margin, walking behind my sister’s body with two boys who were obviously massively grieving their mother,” he added.

“It was a sort of bizarre circumstance where we were told you just have to look straight ahead.

“There was a sort of crunching of our procession, the horses and the carriage and our footsteps, and then the incredible crashing emotion coming in from every side. It was really horrifying.


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