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COMMENT | All Ebira Stalkholders Meeting: “A Show of Shame And A Disgrace To The Core Value Of Ebira Kingdom”

By Muktar Omeiza

After Thorough reading of the communique at the meeting, the speech delivered by our own Governor coupled with careful observations and response from various Anebira home and abroad, I broke down in tears for the future of The upcoming youthful Ebira sons and daughters if the paramount ruler and other prominent tradition and religious leaders who were in attendance could watch in mute and allow their subjects continue to sow a seed of discord among themselves.

The question I kept asking myself and the good people of Ebira land is when are we going to put an end to this unnecessary rancour and discord?

The core values for which Ebira Kingdom has been known for are Forgiveness, Kindness, love, peace and harmonious living.  But in sharp contrast, these and many other positive ethical attributes of our people was swept under the carpet by the Speech delivered our own son the Governor of Kogi State in the said meeting under the very watchful eye of the paramount ruler of the kingdom and other apex bodies of the Land.

It’s worthy of note that the Governor has been having an internal party wrangling with the pioneers of the party across the state and all effort for genuine reconciliations have been proved abortive.

Ebira People’s Association, EPA, one of the apex body of Anebira in their own wisdom decided to call for a truce between our very own son Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello and the embattled party stalwarts and leaders from the Central Senatorial District as the case may be.

Although I say Kudos to the Leadership of EPA for making such a brave and courageous move to reconcile two Brothers who were merely having a little political difference but what I and other rightly thinking Ebira sons and daughters witness and or deduced from such gathering was a complete show of shame, Lack of Respect for our Elders and the traditionally constituted authority and the complete violation of the ethical values for For which ebiraland has been known for

It’s was crystal clear that the young Governor who should have consulted widely from Elders and good advisers of the Land before delivering such shocking speech was quickly overtaken by the Power of his exalted office and as such decided to venture into vendetta move without taking into consideration the long term negative effect of the move to the future of Anebira. He has forgotten that as the Governor of The state, he has now assumed a new Status as the leader of all who should have imbibe in himself a forgiving spirit but rather his speech is capable of endangering the already fragile peace we now enjoy in the land.

If we were truly brothers as I believe, why would our fathers who were invited to help pacify the Young Governor to give peace a chance kept mute while the Governor kept hammering on sowing a seed of discord which might continue to grow from generations to another generations?, How would the Governor expect his Brothers to fulfil those rigid condition before giving peace a chance?

It’s worthy of note that those condition he stated arises as a result of our collective quest for power shift at all costs which he now enjoy on a platter of gold as a result of divine intervention. The entire political crises which brought about numerous death of our brothers and the destruction of properties including that of Dr Farouk’s House which was as a result of our untold hardship from the hand of the Igala people all started in trying to rescue the Good people of the Land from the untold political bondage from the hand of our Igala brothers. Thanks to those that started such agitation as it has now channelled the way for him to become the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi State.

At this point I joined millions of Anebira to pray for our Late Senator A. T Ahmed of blessed memory, Late Alhaji. Abatemi Usman of blessed memory for they are all victim of the Slogan “Power Shift” that has become a reality today. I would also say Kudos to Late Alh Obini, Late Senator Salihu Otaru Ohize, Late Comrade Musa Muhammed Onusaba, Late John Lawal, Alh Kabiru Shuaibu, Senator Salami Muhammed Ohiare, Col.Abubakar Amuda and so many others who have strived for the political emancipation of the entire Ebira Kingdom. Thank God their dreams have now become a reality despite some of them being victims of such bold step. May the good lord have mercy for the soul of the departed ones. Amen

If the Governor who is supposed to be the leader of the citizens of Kogi state could be make such a derogatory statement without recourse to the Elders and the ethical Value of Ebira Kingdom under the watchful eye of paramount of Ebira Land and some prominent Elderstatmen and traditional rulers of the Land, then I fear for the future of our Dear Kingdom.

The entire Anebira needed to ask EPA if their intended motive for summoning such meeting was for the the governor to reinstate his ideology of not giving peace a chance at all. We needed not to be economical with the truth. The whole exercise was a show of shame. It was typical of a kingdom that has no absolute control over her subject. It was as if our kingdom has no viable father who should be responsible for interfacing between his two worthy sons in term of crises.

A tree they say does not make a forest. Yes, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is the governor of Gogi State today but who knows whose turn it will be tomorrow? If our elders could watch helplessly as their sons wage a drum of war against each other and they could not bring them together for genuine reconciliations thereby allowing the powerful one to subdue the weak, then such a kingdom may be heading for a doom as successive seed of discord are being sown. When are we going to learn how to forgive?

The Governor has refuse to allow our elders to mediate between the two warring faction and we are still expecting to have a United Ebiraland, Nay, A tree can never make a forest.

The question the governor refuse to answer is what moral justification does he have not to carry those who worked tirelessly for the success of the party at the polls along even though you were abandoned by these kinsmen during the party primaries?

The Almighty God who brought this divine victory does it for the purpose of unifying the entire anebira and not otherwise as such we should all seize this opportunity to forgive and forget about the very past which have been destroying our unification and chat a new Ebiraland devoid of hatred, rancour and let’s pull him down syndrome so we can truly consolidate on this divine favour from God.

For how long are we going to watch as our able sons engaged themselves in this supremacy battle? What effect would these have on the future of our generation yet unborn?

The end they say justifies the means, we can truly know how a battle line is drawn but we may never know who and who could be the victim and how such rancour could end. I fear for the future of our youths who are so myopic and egocentric in reasoning. At a time when we are supposed to be consolidating on this divine success, we are busy shifting and trading blame game against each other and our elders and traditional rulers are watching helplessly as the drama unfold. It’s indeed a pity on the part of our traditional rulers, elders, religious leaders and all Ebira sons and daughters from all walks of life if we could not take a proactive measure to put an end to this whole nonsense.

No man, no matter how highly placed he is in the society should be mightier than his father to an extent they he now dictate for the father. It’s an outright abomination; lack of respect for the constituted Authority and insubordination of the highest other. Can any Igala Son or daughter irrespective of his political authority stand in the presence of the Attah of Igala and boost not to forgive his fellow Igala brothers even if the Attah of Igala direct him to do so?, the answer is no as the law of the Land is Supreme to all.

I will conclude by urging all stakeholders, traditional rulers, religious leaders and erudite scholars from various fields in Ebira land to go back to round table and chat a new course for the unity of Ebira people.  They should councel and advice the governor to be a governor for all and not venturing in game of vengeance as vengeance is only for God. They should tell him to forgive and settle with his political brothers as we may want to build and consolidate on this divine success for the benefit of these generations and the generations to come in Ebiraland.

This is not the Time for vendetta, this the time to Forgive and chat a new political future for the entire Ebira Kingdom. We are hoping to have more of Alhaji Yahaya Bello as Governor of kogi State in the nearest future and it can only be achievable under the atmosphere of peace, harmony, forgiveness and love. The idea of winner takes its all can never auger well for the future of our Kingdom. We can’t continue to be divided, it’s high time we call all our leaders to order for the future of this generation and the generation yet unborn.

Lastly, I want to urge our traditional rulers, religious leaders, professional bodies, Elder-statemens, stakeholders and erudite scholars of Ebira Land to take the bull by the horn and appeal to our Young Governor and the warring factions to come back to the reconciliation table for a genuine reconciliations where forgiveness shall be their watchword.

Long Live Ebira Kingdom!

Muktar Omeiza is a Political analyst. He writes from the ancient city of Okene.


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