Resign Now, FGGP Tells EFCC’s Magu

By Elizabeth Morgan

A United Kingdom based advocacy group has vented their anger on spate the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is losing their cases before the court of law in Nigeria.

Forum for Good Governance and probity (FGGP) said it is unacceptable and has also lost confidence in the ability of EFCC to successfully prosecute any high profile case in Nigeria most especially when Mr Ibrahim Magu remains the either acting or full fledge chairman of the commission.

FGGP made this known through its President, Mr Jacob ogunseye over the weekend. According to Ogunseye, it appears that Mr Magu is incompetent and not fit to head the commission.

“Mr Magu is not fit enough to head this commission, it is obvious to all Nigerians across the world. All his efforts are not yielding at all, all we have seen is a sort of hype in the media. We need to move beyond propaganda and actualise the reality.

“His handling of cases shows lack of cohesion and integrity, the $43m discovered recently by the body in a Lagos flat show a complete ingenuity and absolute incompetence. This is a fact we have to live with.

FGGP want Mr Magu to ignore the advices of those supporting him the political arena and respect himself before massive protests across the country to force him out erupt.

“Magu should stop relying on politicians before making decisions. His over reliance on politicians has led to the disasters he is experiencing today, Ogunseye said.

“In the light of this, FGGP want Mr Ibrahim Magu to resign with immediate effect and also want the acting President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to move swiftly, look inward to EFCC core officers rather than police to head the commission.

FGGP want Nigeria to move beyond tradition of looking for Police Officers to head EFCC.

“By now, EFCC should have gotten an inwardly trained official who can head the institution without much need to involve police whom we all know to have tainted images across the country, the statement concluded.


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