Current Affairs

John Bercow Re-elected Unopposed As Speaker

By Adenike Lucas

John Bercow has been re-elected as the speaker of the hose for the third time. 

The speaker elect who was first elected in 2009, said “We appear to be heading for testing times. I offer myself to the House as a tested speaker.”

The selection of the speaker signals the beginning of a new parliament. The swearing in of MPs will take place days after the election of the speaker.


Mr Bercow is the first to preside over three parliament. He was congratulated by the Prime Minister, who lost her majority in an election she called, despite promising not to.

“Well at least some one got a landslide,” Mrs May said jokingly.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, congratulated Theresa May, noting that it was customary to do so.

He stated that “Democracy is a wondrous thing and can throw up some unexpected results.”

Quipping the PM, he said he looked forward to the Queen’s speech, “once the coalition of chaos was negotiated.”

And “If that is not possible, the Labour Party”, he added: “stands ready to provide ‘strong and stable’ leadership in the nation’s interest.”





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