General Election 2017: Lib Dems Form Alliance With Greens In Brighton

By Abdul Tukur

The Liberal Democrats have formed a pact with Caroline Lucas in Brighton.

The local party in Brighton Pavilion would not field a candidate against the Green party candidate, in a bid to oust the Tory government in the coming June election.

@CarolineLucas, the only Green MP,  who holds a 7,967 majority, welcomed the move yesterday, adding that she was: “Pleased that @BHGreens just took brave decision not to stand in #Brighton Kemptown – better chance of a Tory-free city. #progressivealliance.”

Sal Brinton, President of the Liberal Democrats, said: “Liberal Democrats across the country are challenging Theresa May’s Conservative Brexit government. As in previous elections, a limited number of local parties are considering how best to provide that challenge in their constituencies. In Brighton Pavilion, local Liberal Democrats have decided to pursue that challenge jointly with the local Green Party. we welcome that constructive collaboration.”

The Green Party has also announced that it will not field a candidate in Ealing Central and Acton on the basis of three public commitments from the current MP, Rupa Huq.


One of the criteria given in the alliance between the Green and the Labour party against the Tories in the west London constituency was for Dr Huq to “actively campaign for voting reform to improve democracy in the UK.”

Dr Huq a Labour MP, elected with 22,000 and a 274 majority in 2015, already opposes the Heathrow expansion and was against the triggering of article 50.”



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