Before We hang Dino…

By Baba Mohd

I think Nigeria as a country requires the service of the likes of Dino Melaye, albeit his nuisance value.

So many of us look at Dino with the eye of controversy and thuggery that could be true, but definitely not balanced outlook.

We easily forget to recall that the same Dino Melaye stood up against President Jonathan’s cluelessness, Dino also used his thuggery to bully corruption in the past administration.He even took the campaign abroad from where Omoyele Sowore and Sahara reporters hosted him to series of interviews lambasting everything lambastable.

When Nigerians tell the truth about Dino’s thuggery they easily leave out the alternative fact that Dino stood up for Nigerians when President Buhari jacked up the petroleum pump price from 87 Naira to 145 Naira, the highest increment ever in the history of pump price increment, that singular action kick started the hyper-inflation we are witnessing today, Dino stood for Nigerians and all others sat quietly against Nigerians, simply because it was Buhari.

When Dino a thug and a controversial lawmaker saw that 1% of all monies going into TSA was being deducted, Dino again stood up for Nigeria. He it was, who shot down that deal that would have seen over 25 billion accruing to just one person within the twinkle of an eye. He deserves his 5% of that amount before you hang him.

Dino the thug didn’t stop there, he used his thuggery to also move against an Hammeed Ali’s draconian retroactive duty payment on vehicles, whether it was for selfish reason or selflessness, Many poor Nigerians are beneficiaries of the Dino controversy, that rickety taxi driver would have had to pack his little source of livelihood if not for that intervention by Dino and the gang at the senate.

Not done yet, Senator Dino Melaye bullies Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state to perform, he raises alarm here and there when other lawmakers are just “yes men” to their state Governors. Yahaya Bello knows too well that he has a Dino to contend with if he decides to veer off the road of development.

I think we should not hang Dino for his exuberance, thuggery and nuisance; we should also balance it up with his astuteness, affront and nuisance value.

Our democracy can only survive if the likes of Dino are there to disagree with certain decisions and stand by them.

If we knock Dino a little we must also praise him a little.

SOURCE: Abusidiq


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