By Adenike Lucas

A PIECE published in the Premium Times a few days ago by Festus Owete and Hassan Adebayo did not explain clearly the full views of our National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun.

In the light of carrying everyone along with this administration, Chief John Oyegun gave this interview to explain to Nigerians the benefit of voting for change.  He has spoken on this matter on several occasions thus APC UK is able to expatiate well on the matter. 

Those who know Chief John would agree that he is a frank speaker and he is not one who would want to hide the truth.  He was not wrong to blame the previous administration for the economic crisis it caused. Even the former Minister of Finance has admitted that they had no “political will to save,” at a speech given in the USA at the George Washington University. 

 Most Nigerians are becoming more aware of the challenges of change but, President Muhammadu Buhari “is determined” to make Nigeria great again.  The President and his cabinet are working round the clock seeking investment for the betterment of our country. 

The benefit of his recent working visit to China and the war on corruption and terror cannot be ignored.  The President’s effort is gaining support from world leaders: UK Expresses Support for Buhari’s Anti-graft War

The new Sheriff, supported by a ‘huge mandate’ promise to ‘kill corruption’ but we are not unmindful that corruption which is an endemic and entrenched problem in Nigeria will not be eradicated easily. Not in Nigeria, where for 16 years, Ministers owned the state coffers.  They took from it as and when it pleased them!

 Corruption and lack of security best describe the long rudderless tenure of Dr Goodluck Jonathan. During the Jonathan ‘locust transformation’ years, Nigerians suffered in the hands of corrupt government officials. 

The media attention given to the #DasukiGate trial has exposed some of the level of impunity at which former ministers operated.  The exploitation of loop holes by several of his ministers fighting court cases has made it more apparent that the previous administration mismanaged the resource of the country.  The most disheartening part is that some have not smelt the change in the air.  They still think they can carry on as they did before.  

 “Change or be exchanged.”

You may ask why we keep addressing the past.  This is quite easy, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” President Muhammadu Buhari has chosen the right battle on behalf of Nigerians. He rightly said to the commendation of many world leaders, “if we don’t kill corruption, it will kill us.” 

The new administration has empowered the anti-corruption agency (EFCC) resulting in several high profile charges. By fighting corruption through the legal route and allowing the judicial arm of government to play its role independently, the APC-led government show to all, the distinction between the three arms of government.

Unfortunately, APC is not a party full of saints; some of our members’ i.e. Bukola Saraki and Danjuma Goje are both facing several corruption charges in court. As Chief Oyegun stated in his interview to APC UK, the President as the head of the executive must not “interfere in judicial proceedings.” 

“Judges are not politicians”, he expressed. “The President is certainly not one to interfere in a judicial matter. I think we know him well. Everybody must know him. Things must be done normally. And that is part of the change mantra that we must play by the rule so that we don’t truncate processes.”

 APC UK commends the President for not interfering in judicial proceedings. This is about the rule of law; Defendants must face the court to absolve themselves of any guilt. Those who voted members of our party during the last election did so in faith that the wrongs in our country will be addressed, hence bringing in change. Anyone who wishes to truncate this change must be duly exchanged.

PIC CAP: APC Nat. Chairman: Chief John Oyegun

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