FFK refuses to retract “Boko Haram” allegation despite threat of court action by Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff.

By Adenike Lucas

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode who recently claimed that Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff was the creator of Boko Haram, has refused to retract those allegation despite court threats.

A spokesman to Fani-Kayode popularly known by his initials ‘FFK’ revealed that Alhaji Sheriff, who was a two time governor and three time senator for Borno State, had placed an “advert in Thisday newspaper in which he threatened to sue Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, “

Mr. Jude Ndukwe who issued the statement explained that though they had not received “a formal letter from his lawyers to that effect…  we wish to inform him (Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff) and members of the public that we stand by everything that we have said about Sheriff, we have briefed our lawyers, we welcome the suit and we shall gladly meet him in court.”

In a television interview, FFK had linked the new Chairman of his party, Alhaji Sheriff to Boko Haram, the deadly sect which has killed over 20,000 people.

FFK who became the spokesman for former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan during the 2015 election, said the accusation he made against Alhaji Sheriff “were common knowledge.”

In the interview broadcasted last month, the former Aviation Minister said that “to divorce Ali Modu Sheriff from Boko Haram is absolute rubbish, saying: “I think we need to move away from political correctness in this country and I think we should stop being scared of speaking the truth and saying it as it is.”

He went on to add that he had known Alhaji Sheriff since the early 90s and “didn’t take pleasure” in making this claims against him.  

FFK said Alhaji Sheriff had to explain “his relationship with Mohammed Yusuf, the man who started Boko Haram, who was murdered in mysterious circumstance by the police.”

Furthermore he said Alhaji Sheriff should “tell us who he was when he was using these local sons as his personal thugs and let him tell us if it was not Mohammed Yusuf who was leading and organising them

“Let him tell us who asked Former President Umaru Yar’Adua to send in soldiers and kill as many people as possible that belonged to Boko Haram groups simply because he was tired of them, he was fed up of giving them money.

“Let him tell us why he appointed one Buju Foi as the Commissioner for Religious Affairs and this man was giving money to these boys and making them happy. Let him tell us, under what circumstances was Buju Foi was killed?

“After the investigation began, the likelihood was that Buju Foi would have given evidence to the fact that he had been used to fund and support these boys while they were operating at local level.”



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