#ENDSARS PROTEST | Looters Make Away With Late Awolowo’s Glasses


Looters have yanked Pa Obafemi Awolowo’s iconic glasses off his statue in Ikeja, Lagos.

The statue of the late political sage, who served as premier of the former Western Region from 1954 to 1960, was left bare after his round spectacles, was stolen this afternoon. The iconic glasses is among a list of unusual things to have been carted away, this week.

Looters across the country, who are taking advantage of a protest – to end police brutality, also carted away with the staff of office of the Oba of Lagos, and a tractor in Adamawa.

GBEDU News also reported that the home of a serving senator in Oyo state was burgled on Saturday.

Expensive goods – such as motorcycles and fridges, which Senator Teslim Folarin, who represents Oyo Central Senatorial District, planned to use to empower some of his constituents were stolen in broad daylight.

Two men where even spotted in Calabar moving their priced loot, which was a toilet seat.

Usman Jaafar who posted the picture stated that they “looted everything including a toilet.”

It is not clear what the looters will do with the toilet seat or why they choose to steal it.

However, excuses circulating, is that those who burgled the homes of politicians and warehouses, are reclaiming Covid-19 palliatives which should have been shared by the government.

@LaraBabatunde wrote on twitter, “Nigerians are not looters, they are hungry, and the government kept covid19 palliatives in warehouses.

The real looters are the politicians. Pastors too should be careful stealing from the poor. #EndSARS.” Another twitter user noted that while the act of looting was being rebuked by others, he did not see anything wrong with it.

@VvincentNonso said: “I can see respected people here rebuking those who went to steal pallatives (meant for citizens) from warehouses they were hoarded in.

“Am I in support of stealing? No. But will I join them rebuke these people? Hell NO! “Cunny man die cunny man burry am.”


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