JUST IN: Opposition Calls For EFCC’s Magu To Step Aside To Prevent Jeopardizing Investigation

👤 Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, a “perennial offender,” has been asked to step aside from his role as acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, while a panel set up by President Muhammadu Buhari investigate allegations of corruption made against him.

On Monday, the national spokesperson of the lead opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, made a statement that Mr Magu, the only person whose nomination as chairman of the anti-graft agency was rejected, needs to step aside to prevent him from destroying evidence “as well as unnecessary interferences in the matter.”

The party said Nigerians are already aware that Magu has been pulled in for questioning, adding that the fact that he has to be accompanied by an attorney shows that the said “invitation,” is beyond the routine.

Mr Magu, a Borno indigene who was indicted by the Department of State Service, DSS, in October 2016, might destroy evidence if he is allowed to continue in office, while the  investigation against him is going on, the party spokesperson went on to say.

Kola Olagbodiyan in the statement explained that “now that Magu has been pulled in for investigation, the Federal Government should preserve the integrity of the office of the Chairman of the EFCC by ordering him to step aside while investigators take charge of every activities of the office to forestall destruction of evidence as well as unnecessary interferences in the matter.

“Moreover, with the allegations and investigation, Magu has lost the moral rectitude to continue to preside over the anti-corruption agency. He should step aside until he proves himself innocent.”

The PDP spokesman was joined by a popular fiery lawyer who said that the arrest, which the EFCC is trying to deny.

DENISAURUS News reported a few hours ago that Mr Magu had been apprehended by security operatives, but the spokesperson of the agency claimed he was merely honouring an invitation to a panel constituted by the President.

Till now, Mr Magu remains in custody, despite the denial of his arrest by the commission.

The lawyer explained that “a person is said to be arrested when he is taken into custody and is temporarily deprived of liberty and free movement. The law forbids excessive restraint of arrested persons. Handcuff is only allowed where there’s resistance or likelihood of escape.

According to Inibehe Effiong, “the belief or view that arrest is only made when a suspect is handcuffed, manhandled and/or subjected to torture is wrong.

“Such belief or view is influenced by the illegal practice of subjugation that Nigerian law enforcement agencies are notorious for.

“Buhari’s so-called anti-corruption war is largely partisan and lacks credibility.

“Magu is not indispensable. He cannot be the only person in Nigeria that is competent to le, d the EFCC. President Buhari should urgently appoint a better replacement.

“Mr. Magu should remember that it is better to step aside when the ovation is loudest.”


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