COVID-19: Receipe For Chaos! Frances O’Grady Slams BoJo’s New “Stay Alert” Slogan

👤  Christian Smith, DENISAURUS News

The general secretary of the Trade Union Congress, TUC, Frances O’Grady has criticised the Prime Minister’s plan to get people back to work post COVID-19.

Boris Johnson, who spoke at 7PM this evening, is saying that in England people should “stay safe,” instead of the previous slogan which was to “stay home.”

Mr Johnson noted that those who can’t work from home can return, but they should avoid taking public transport.

But Ms O’Grady was not impressed with the Prime Minister’s statement.

She said: “the government still hasn’t published guidance on how workers will be kept safe. So how can the Prime Minister — with 12 hours’ notice — tell people they should be going back to sites and factories? It’s a recipe for chaos.”

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, where there is devolution of power, the message to “stay at home” stays the same.

They have also slated the British Prime Minister’s plan to have primary school opened in June.

John Philips, the acting general secretary of GMB, accused Mr Johnson of sending mixed messages.

“If ministers want the economy moving again, we need strict rules on hygiene and social distancing, enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for everyone, and regulations employers can’t just ignore if they fancy it,” he said.



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