APC National Chairman, Oshiomhole, Told He Doesn’t Have Requisite Capabilities And The Experience To Run A Political Party

👤 Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

A senior member of the All Progressives Congress has called on Adams Oshiomhole to resign following the recent Supreme Court ruling which reversed the party’s electoral victory in Zamfara State.

In a six page letter, Lawal Shuaibu, Deputy National Chairman, North, said the judgement, which gives the opposition Peoples Democratic Party the elections in Zamafara is an indictment on Mr Oshiomhole.

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DENISAURUS News understands that a five panel of the Supreme Court justices ruled on Friday, that the APC had no candidate in the elections.

The Independent National Electoral Commission was then ordered to issue Mohammed Mattawale with a certificate of return. The electoral body has since complied with the court decision – and has issued the PDP Governor-elect with his certificate of return.

Alhaji Shuaibu, an indigene of Zamfara, said in other climes when people “fail to add value over what they met on assumption of duty show civilised example, they honourably bow out.”

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He explained that the party had “23 states in 2015 but after the elections we lost 7 states. We also had 60 senators in 2015, at the end of the election count we end up with 57 in 2019.”

In the letter dated 27 May 2019, Alhaji Shuiabu told Mr Oshiohmhole to step down, stating that he lacks the experience to run a political party.

“It is my honest opinion that your ability to ensure this party flourishes is deficient as you lack the necessary composure and you also don’t posses the capabilities and the requisite experience to run a political party,” he said.

Alhaji Shuaibu denied his attack was for personal reasons. “Please don’t get me wrong,” he said, “do not think I am saying these about your conduct as Chairman because I want to be Chairman. I don’t want to be National Chairman, because I can not be, even if I want to, for as long as President Muhammdu Buhari is in office, having come from the same North West geo-political zone.”

“I want to advise you to take the path of honour, to step aside and allow the party to embark on the onerous task of reconstruction and rehabilitation in those States it was weakened by the effect of manner the last primary election exercises were conducted or even the task of recreating the party where it is on the path of extinction, arising from the loss of a siting APC Governor, for example in Zamfara, where you directly personally created the problem leading to the painful complete loss of APC’s electoral fortunes, from up to own, all these are uncontestable facts.”

The National chairman of the ruling party, who assumed office in June 2018, was accused of creating chaos during the primaries.

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The former Edo Governor who superintends the party and saw the departure of founding members such as Bukola Saraki, the Senate President, continues to face stiff criticism from various members.

Last year, DENISAURUS News reported that Mr Oshiomhole had to flee from the party headquarters in Abuja.

Sources told this paper aggrieved members of the party in the South South state stormed the APC National Headquarters. Mr Oshiomhole had to flee through the fence.

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