British Prime Minister To Step Down On June 7

👤 Christian Smith, DENISAURUS News

The British Prime Minister today announced her resignation as Conservative leader.

In a teary speech, Theresa May who has struggled with Brexit negotiation, will end her job on June 7.

Speaking from outside Downing Street, Mrs May who has been in office for three years, said: “I’ve done my best,” to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

“Ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as Prime Minister, I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for a privileged few, but for everyone. And to honour the result of the EU referendum.

“If you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide,” she adds: “I have done my best to do that.

“Sadly I have not been able to do so. I tried three times – I believe it was right to persevere even when the odds against success seemed high.”

Although Mrs May is leaving office next month, she would continue in a caretaker role until a new leader is elected in July.

The former Home Secretary, said she “will shortly leave the job,  it has been the honour of my life to hold – the second female Prime Minister, but certainly not the last.

“I do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love.”

Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench Tory 1922 committee, had made it clear that Mrs May who lost her parliamentary majority in 2017, no longer had the confidence of the party.

Mrs May suffered another set back when the leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, resigned from Government over the “new deal” on Brexit, causing further speculations about her resignation.

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