Conservatives Expected To Loose 800 Or More Seats In Local Elections

👤 Abdul Tukur, Political Correspondent, DENISAURUS News

A leading analyst has said that Theresa May’s party should expect to lose 800 or more seats at the local elections scheduled to take place tomorrow. 

Robert Hayward, a Conservative peer, said that his party could lose about 500 to the Liberal Democrats, and 300 to Labour, because of the Prime Ministers Brexit deal which has not gained the right support from fellow Members of Parliament.

Mrs May, a former Home Secretary has had a tough battle negotiating a deal for the UK to leave the European Union. Her plan has been defeated several times by her colleagues. This has resulted in several calls for a no-confidence vote against her.

A loss of over 800 councillors would be further blow to her career.

Mr Hayward said the local elections would have been better had Mrs May’s deal “been approved by the Tories.”

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