Mohammed Buhari, Governor Dankwambo’s Brother Remains In PDP

👤 By Abdul Tukur

A brother to the state Governor of Gombe has declared that he is still a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Buhari Mohammed Dankwambo, whose elder sibling was elected in 2015, said “desperate politicians are trying to take advantage of my personal decision to attack my elder brother, the governor.”

Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, who is one of the aspirant vying for the highest office in the land, is yet to comment on the planned defection of his junior brother.

But, DENISAURUS News believes that Governor Dankwambo, a former Accountant-Gneral of the country during Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, could have settled the scuffle with his sibling.

According to his junior brother, Buhari Mohammed, “we can objectively agree and disagree.”

He said: “As you know, I was part of the struggle that brought my brother to power. I’ve been a committed member of the PDP and I’m equally loyal and obedient to my elder brother, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo.”

“As humans, we can objectively agree and disagree on so many issues but that shouldn’t be hijacked by desperate people to mischievously cause disaffection between us. “After wide consultation with my family and political friends, I have decided to remain in the PDP.”


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