Nigeria And The Atter Of A Nation

👤 Shehu Bashir Esq

It’s natural for anybody to love or hate either on merits or on sentiments, but, it would be inhumane to pitch tent against all norms and mores of a normal society. Normal here is never subjective – good and bad do not always enjoy difficult definition, it is a dichotomy of acceptance and rejection, in general terms.

I’m not a politician and I have never been a card carrying member of any political party, so I’m speaking from a non-partisan point of view.

Playing politics with human lives is in itself inhumane and ungodly. I’m however still wondering if people are still godly in this country anymore?.

Desperation for retention or reclaiming of ascension should never block our sight and psyche from acting accordingly, at least, in protecting human lives, after all, this life itself is vanity.

We are not only too silent in addressing these issues, our frontal inaction is looking like either a conspiracy, complicity, a confusion of sort of application of ideas or even total bereavement of one.

How can we be able to sleep comfortably that all these killings are happening in the face of our almighty security outfits?. If these are being perpetrated by enemies who are “ganging” up against the government, declare war against them and stop being politically correct. If the crimes are being committed by friends who want to “prove” certain points for whatever reasons, please crush them before they crush everything you ever lived for.

I’m tired of fetching for excuses for all these, I’m sad simple problems are becoming too complex and complicated to manage.

What compounds a problem from being properly solved is the failure of application of potent means to solve it. This is not a rocket science, I’m sick and tired of the rules, politics, tactics and procedures that are not only failing to give results but also aggravating the situations. Is this all the government has got to offer? They can do better than this except we are all missing something.

From crime management to sheer administration and governance, I’m bewildered by the omissions of potency in problem solving, what some leftists will validly describe as incompetence.

Which of these is not disturbing, just tell me which of them isn’t just worrisome. Is it the pre-approval disbursement, playing into the hands of adversaries who always craving to eat you raw, is it the hush payment (unbudgeted subsidy) by the nation’s top oil company, is it the confusion and accounts reconciliation logjam between the Ministry of Finance and EFCC, is it the unknown and unclear insurgency rapporteur and victims swap management vis a vis reinvigorated and re-emboldened insurgency, please which of these does not make people of conscience shed tears?

Acquiescence and reticence may both become crimes in the sight of God in the face inexplicable actions and inactions that are detrimental to human existence. We cannot afford to accept our fate as if we have exhausted all our intellectual arsenals to solving these problems.

I’m sick and tired of the spate of killings and general security problems in this country. Few of this government’s approaches to issues have attracted positive nodding, many are viewed with disappointments.

Speaking up to call for change in approach should never be seen as “opposition” ranting especially when such is coming from non-partisan sources. Not all of us speak to score any political points or defile the government, quite alot do so from the point of patriotism, pure one.

Nigerians are now like gladiators fighting to the pleasure of the political elites in a game arena. We are now “who about to die salute you” pawns before Nigeria’s political emperors. Human lives now matter no more. God have mercy!

It’s now very difficult to ascertain who is truly speaking or fighting for the people and on behalf of the people with clear and unconditional conscience. It does appears that those who complain from the opposition are doing so for partisanship, just to discredit the current government and use that opportunity to grab powers; those whose sermons are from the podiums are becoming increasingly interested in making phantom religious supremacy claims than genuinely preaching for human protectionism, for those at the other arms of government, they can always play it down once their political interest is assured just as those in the security architecture appear to now be in love with the dragging of the several “wars” Nigeria seems to be fighting. Who do we now trust and believe to save our souls?

Please tell me how else to see this if not an atter and disintegration of a once harmonious nation. God, deliver us from all these, armageddon can’t be more evident.

Let me end this piece by saying that our desire to join in the bandwagon or take part in solving the administration’s problems should not mute our buca cavity when our words should be uttered loudly. Those of us who voted, those who still intend to vote and those who would repeatedly do so notwithstanding any shock of ill-governance, we should not “Tori édè ki aba èdé jé”. Meaning, we should not conspire to destroy our common patrimony because of what we aspire to be or get.

After all, not all those who have become disinterested in this “project” are doing so based on malice and acrimony, some must have lost patience of incessant blunders, errors and pretences, they must have come to the realisation that being continually sycophantic to what they supported and urge for would serve no ubiquitous good to the humanity, the basic general principle that should guide people of conscience. Those people must have won a war between their conscience and their consciousness. Their conscience must have defeated their consciousness to reward to the the extent that they can’t just bear this anymore. After all, Allah is the Almighty Provider.

Can anyone continue to reasonably bear this? I doubt it. Only a soul with no recourse to the existence of God and sacrosanctity of our returns to our Creator will continue to pretend all is well with such a stone heart.

Anybody could decide to write all the letters of this world with the most sophisticated grammar, showing us your prolificacy to defend these and water it down, that doesn’t make those writings holier than the Qur’an or Bible especially when we know such expressions are often at the request or service of others, wittingly or unwittingly. For once, it is good to live above the desire of wants and positions to speak the truth so that we can all have something worthwhile to tell our God on our returns.

Scarily, the violence is now transmutating into a full war, migrating at a tsunamic speed from the far North to the South. The carnage is unabatedly transporting itself from Borno, down to Zamfara, Kaduna and presently prominent in Benue just as it is on an unstoppable mission to Edo, Enugu, brooding its eggs in Ondo in preparation for an onslaught in Lagos, not sparing any living souls. Are we to continue this way?

How diplomatic are we to continue to pretend the problems are not getting out of hands?. Should we wait till the whole nation is engulfed in civil war before we realise how hypocritical our diplomacy has been?.

We cannot fiercely fight last administration’s maladministration and refuse to condemn the current one’s ineptitude as if this is a new normal. There is nothing normal in our silence and inaction, it’s a conspiracy against good conscience and enthronement of injustice and God abhors injustice.

Something drastic must be done, we can’t just continue like this. It’s no more funny. The current governance approach must be changed, we need firmer and sincere execution of laws and policies if the future of our collective existence still matters to us.

I seek forgiveness from Allah, my Creator to Whom I shall return, I beseech Him to save us from the dungeon of intellectual stagnation, I beseech Him to please guide us to a peaceful end and provide us with better solutions to our collective problems, I pray Thee to guide our leaders right so that they can be guided to do what is humanely required and godly sanctioned for the good of our common living, Amin.

Shehu writes from Abuja. Contact him @shehufaa

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