President @MBuhari Has Been Eating Free Food, #LazyNigerianYouths Comment Senseless – Ikpeazu’s Aide

👤 By: Mynaijainfo

Lawyer and Public Affairs analyst, Onyebuchi Ememanka who doubles as the Special Assistant to Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu on Public Communications has berated President Buhari over his recent comments about Nigerian Youths.

President Muhammadu Buhari, at the Commonwealth Business Forum few days ago accused Nigerian Youths as being ‘Uneducated’, lazy and eager to take freebies.

In his long epistle about the Commander-in-chief of Nigeria shared on his Facebook Page, Barr. Ememanka tried to analyse the Life of President Buhari from his days as a military officer till date.


One of President Buhari’s greatest human failings is his huge propensity to make thoughtless comments. Most times, I think he doesn’t think before saying somethings.

His latest description of the Nigerian youth is as senseless as it can be.
Let us even interrogate the Buhari odyssey from a young man to adult age.
President Buhari is a man who for his entire life has lived off the government. If he paid any school fees in his entire life, it must be in his primary school. But it’s likely he attended school free.

From when he joined the Army till date, Buhari has been eating free food. He has been traveling on government money. He has been receiving medical treatment courtesy of the government. Military trainings are sponsored 100% by the Federal Government. No military man pays any fees.

Every single overseas travel Buhari has undertaken in his life is sponsored by the government, either as a military trainee, soldier, Governor, Minister, Head of State, ex Head of State, PTF Chairman and now President.

In his entire life, all Buhari has done is to earn salaries and allowances from the government.

As a young man, he didn’t have to look for a job for one day. He even got admitted into the Army with an “awaiting result”. A job was already waiting for him even before he finished secondary school.

In his entire life, Buhari has never earned a penny outside government. He has never set up even a corner shop anywhere in the world, even its to sell gworo or fura di nunu. The cows he owns…there is no evidence that they are for commercial purposes. Maybe, he just loves cows and keeps them.

Since 1985 when he was kicked out of office till 2015 when he returned to power, there is no single evidence that he ever did any other thing apart from live on his pensions as a retired General and former Head of State.

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He has not set up a newspaper House. He doesn’t own a school, even it’s a Koranic School. He doesn’t own any business.

Buhari has never employed anyone in his personal capacity. Even his domestic staff are paid by the Government as part of his pension package as a former this and that.

Even to write a book about his long years of experience doing government work and use it to teach our young people, he has not. Buhari has never written any book in his life. He has no recorded memoirs, no biography and no autobiography.

Yet, this man goes to London to say nonsense about young people who struggle with practically everything. People who are hungry, unemployed and angry. People who struggle every single day of their lives to make a living. People who seeks jobs, even with better qualifications than him but can’t get them.

Lawyer and Public Affairs analyst, Onyebuchi Ememanka who doubles as the Special Assistant to Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu on Public Communications has berated President Buhari over his recent comments about Nigerian Youths.

Is it the young people who were suffocated to death while trying to write exams for jobs at the Immigration that are lazy?

Did Buhari ever write any exam before he joined the army? Has he ever written any employment test in his entire life?
Does Buhari have any idea of what young Nigerians go through every day to earn a decent penny in an environment surrounded by confused people in government?

Does he know what young business men and women struggle with daily as they struggle to keep their head above water in Nigeria?

Does he have an idea of what young entrepreneurs have to cope with to find start up capital?

Does he know that tens of millions of Nigerian youths have never received anything free from any government since they were born?

Parents struggled to see them through school. Some engaged in business and other forms of trading, even menial jobs to help augment what they get from their parents.

Does he know what young Nigerian graduates cope with everyday in an elusive search for jobs?

What of young professionals? Does Buhari have any idea of what they go through to find their feet in the midst of lack of support from government?

Does Buhari know that even as students and apprentices, some young Nigerians are already bread winners in their families? Some go abroad to live as refugees because their country failed them.

If those young people Buhari described as lazy have less than 10% of the opportunities Buhari had as a young man, they would have done much better than he did.

As a young military officer, Buhari became everything from Governor to Minister to Head of State, not because he had any special qualifications but because time and chance favored him.

As a young military officer, he became Oil Minister, not because he had any qualifications in the petroleum industry but because time and chance favored him, yet today, millions of young Nigerians with top qualifications in the area petroleum development roam the streets in search of jobs.

As a young man, he met a Nigeria full of opportunities. There were no old men seeking to die in office. The leaders of that time were young men in their thirties and forties. Today, at 75, and after having tasted every juicy office in the land, he seeks to remain in power till 2023.

Buhari should stop insulting Nigerian youths.

In THINGS FALL APART, Achebe advised those whose kernels were cracked by benevolent spirits not to spite others.

Buhari has been a huge recipient and beneficiary of government money. He should at least show some respect to those of us who are not as lucky as he has been.


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