Magu: How Anti-Graft Boss Is Mocking FG’s Whistle-Blower Policy With Suspension Of EFCC Staff Members – Report

By Adenike Lucas for

Staff members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, who were suspended by their boss because of an SOS letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, have been exonerated in a latest memo seen by

This newspaper discovered that operatives of the anti-graft commission have been at home and without pay since 2015.

Worse, their crime was for exposing in an open letter to the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, the corruption and impunity that thrived under two most recent chairmen, namely Ibrahim Mustafa Magu and Ibrahim Lamorde.

They allegedly did this in a publication titled: “requesting for the rejuvenating and overhauling of the EFCC,” which was posted on 15 April, 2015.

They were also accused of writing other stories which further exposed hidden corruption at the anti-graft commission.

The stories they are accused of writing includes: “The hidden corrupt chameleon in EFCC published on 8th June,”

“Why the appointment of the next EFCC chairman must not be sentiment based published on 10th November 2015 and “Last minute corruption and looting by EFCC leadership of Mr Ibrahim Lamorde.”

The internal memo detailing their offence sent on 22 December 2015, states that “investigations into publications which were damaging to the Commission’s image have indicated that you have contravened the following sections of the EFCC Staff regulations:

“Article 36 (b) (iii) which state that any officer of the Commission who “without proper authority, communicates to the public, press, or to an unauthorised person, any matter connected with the Commission.”

The staff have always denied any wrongdoing.

In fact, with the introduction of the whistle blowers policy, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu should have allowed them back to work. Instead, making himself judge and jury in the case, he levelled against them the offence of espionage – which is punishable by death.

It was later when it became clear that Mr Magu had no evidence against them that he began to mellow down a little.

A recent memo shows that a new offer has since been made to the employees, albeit with stringent conditions – which they most likely would be unable to meet.

The letter reads: “Following the review of the case of Breach of Confidence against you at the 6th Senior Staff Appointments, Promotions and Disciplinary Committee held on the 26th September, 2017, the Ag. Executive Chairman has graciously approved your reinstatement into the Commission.”

The conditions were set out in a letter EFCC/P/HR/… sent on 15th November 2017.

The EFCC spokesperson refused to provide any comments for publication in this article.



Magu Is The Real Leak

Mr Magu, a corrupt Deputy Commissioner of Police has abused the Federal Government’s policy by picking on core staff, who he believes are behind his non-confirmation.

The nomination of the EFCC boss was rejected by the Senate on March 15, following an Intel report by the Department of State Service.

According to the assessment written by the Director General of the DSS , Mr Magu’s creditability is questionable.

The secret police believes that Mr Magu” may continue to exploit his official position, if confirmed as EFCC Chairman and indulge in other unprofessional and criminal conducts for personal aggrandizement contrary to his oath of office.”

The revelation from the DSS report, importantly were gathered from EFCC staff members, who have been in touch with over the past year.

“An officer appointed as Ag. Chairman of EFCC should by all means be one of impeccable credentials, with proven integrity and capacity to lead the nation’s fight against graft in high and low places. Thus far, it is evident from MAGU’s antecedents that he is by no means that kind of officer.” has published other wrong doings of the anti-graft boss including the use of misuse of sensitive document.

Even with this report, Mr Magu has constantly been able to paint any form of criticism as “corruption fighting back.”

Recurring Criminal

Yet, on May 7, DENISAURUS News and its ally of, exclusively reported Nigeria’s suspension from a world financial intelligence unit.

It turned out Mr Magu was himself leaking confidential information to media allies of his.

The Nigeria’s Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU was duly suspended “following repeated failures on the part of the FIU to address concerns regarding the protection of confidential information, specifically related to the status of suspicious transaction report, STR details and information derived from international exchanges, as well as concerns on the legal basis and clarity of the NFIU’s independence from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

“The measure will remain in force until immediate corrective actions are implemented. The NFIU, Nigeria is now excluded from all Egmont Group events and activities. The Egmont Group expressed its hope that the Nigerian authorities will address these concerns to enable the Egmont Group to lift the suspension as soon as possible.”

Even the DSS report had warned that Mr Magu could not be trusted because, very sensitive and classified official documents belonging to the EFCC were found in the home of a close friend of the Borno Officer.

In 2008, a former Chairman of the EFCC, Farida Waziri suspended Mr Magu for a similar offence.

The DSS report states that: “for an officer who was indicted and nearly dismissed six (6) years ago, to again be involved in similar circumstances, it is clear that MAGU is a perennial offender and cannot change.”

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