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BUSTED: EFCC Chairman Gets Caught Lying About Ikoyi Whistle Blower Recovery

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

Yet again, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu has deliberately lied about the corruption fight he is leading. 

In a statement issued by the Commissions spokesperson, Mr Magu, the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, stated that the “young man” who blew the whistle on the sums of $43,449,947, £27,800 and N23,218,000 recovered from an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos, last April, was now a millionaire.

Magu Is Telling Lies

However, a law professor who knows the whistleblower states otherwise.

“I know the Ikoyi Billions whistleblower and can confirm that he’s been despicably treated; his life could be in danger,” Professor Chidi Odinkalu tweeted.

He said: It was “false that EFCC has been working with Ikoyi whistleblower,” adding that the man who blew the whistle on the recovered loot has instead, “suffered serial detention in three different institutions.

In February, an insider explained to DENISAURUS News that their 53-year-old acting chair was deliberately working against whistleblowing policy adopted by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration last year.

Then, the person noted a case where a whistle blower wanted to pass some information across to the government regarding a huge sum of money that was diverted during the past administration.

Unfortunately, the person met with President Buhari and a presidency staff was directed to take the person to the Acting chairman of the EFCC.

According to the source:”Mr Magu used the crude police way of harassing an informant instead of appreciating the effort and possibly rewarding the whistle-blower.”

Sadly, DENISAURUS News understands that when the whistle blower was taking to Mr Magu, “instead of appreciating the information from the said person, he detained and locked up the whistle blower.”

DENISAURUS News discovered that those who lead the EFCC to the recovery of the Andrew Yakubu loot have yet to be settled.

EFCC staff have also exposed their own boss for being corrupt .

They say his act of sabotage caused Nigeria’s suspension from a renowned world financial server based in Toronto.

Sources have informed this newspaper that Financial Action Task Force, FATF which was meant to visit Nigeria on November 20 in order to check if the NFIU has made the required changes as advised by Egmont, would no longer make the visit – fuelling speculation that the intelligence unit, domiciled at the anti-graft commission, is going to be totally expelled.


Mr Magu continued to hinder the effort of the Senate who want to make the NFIU independent as required.

Third Reading

A lawmaker in the House of Representative who worked in the EFCC previously, is been teleguided by Mr Magu to prevent the passage of the NFIA bill which has already been passed by the Senate.

Their allegation were confirmed by the Department of State Services who wrote an indicting report against Mr Magu.


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