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#EFCC: Facebook User Offers Explanation On How Rejected Anti Graft Boss Might Have Fooled Nigerians Over “Abroad Properties” Purchased By Cabals

By Danjuma Aliyu

A man has provided details of how Ibrahim Mustafa Magu might have fooled Nigerians over his recent allegation about a plot by a corrupt cabal to frame him with ownership of assets abroad.

In a statement issued by Wilson Uwujaren, spokesman of the commission on Wednesday, the anti-graft czar said “shadowy interests at the receiving end” of the agency’s anti-corruption campaign were behind the scheme which “is to cast a slur on the unblemished integrity of Magu and expose him to public ridicule.”

In response, Prince Crispus said that the “illegal Acting Chairman,” Mr Magu was lying about the issue with the supposed cabal.

A notable politician previously denied that there were any cabals in the Presidency.

Mr Crispus stated via his Facebook that “the embattled Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu can lie to some not people like us.”

He added that Mr Magu, whose nomination to become the fourth chairman of the anti-graft commission was rejected due to an indicting report from the Department of State Services, was “simply denying ownership of his own mansion that his key lootman Mohammed Umar helped him arranged.”

He went on to give details of the DSS report which exposed Mr Magu’s unholy association with an arrested retired Air commodore in whose house $1m dollar cash and sensitive documents from the EFCC were found.

In the 16-paragraph letter addressed to the Attorney General of the Federation, the DSS further states that Mr Magu and (arrested air commodore) Mr Mohammed, rtd were running a blackmailing cartel with document illegally obtained from the agency.

The DSS discovered that Mr Mohammed had paid two years rent on behalf of Mr Magu. The rent which was paid in installment of N20 million for two years was used to pay for Mr Magu’s residence.

In order to pay Mr Mohammed back, Mr Magu asked the FCDA- which has the responsibility of developing facilities in the FCT to award a contract of refurbishing the place to Mr Mohammed at a cost of 43 million naira.

Mr Magu had claimed that the alleged Maitaima residence in contemplation, was paid for by the FCDA and not Mr Mohammed

“Was it not the same Umar’s firm, Valcour S.A. Nig. Ltd, that Magu made sure the inflated contract of securing and furnishing his (Mr Magu) official residence was awarded?,” Mr Crispus asked.

“Was it not this same Magu that has been releasing classified documents to the same Umar to intimidate and source cash from accused Nigerians, firms and unsuspecting government agencies?

Mr Crispus said: “Why is the report with reference number SH/COS/24/A/7277 on NNPC/NLG Brass Investment Accounts in Nigerian Commercial Banks from Chief of Staff to Mr. President, Abba Kyari to him (Mr Magu), in Umar’s possession, and to do what with it?

“Why were sensitive Managers’ cheques of First Bank PLC and Zenith Bank PLC, issued in favour of EFCC Recovery Funds Account dated 13/05/2016 and 16/05/2016 once in Umar’spossession?

“Why and how did classified letter from the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) to the EFCC Chairman titled Re; Request to Freeze Accounts Messers Bebey; Merchant Ltd and 20 others, dated 7th March, 2016, come to be in Umar’s possession?

“Why and how did NNPC document with the subject, Re:Stop Debit Order on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidaries – A case for Joint Venture & NNPC Pension Funds Accounts, get to be with Umar?

“How and why did NNPC Letter GED/F&A/08.26 dated 5th May, 2016 addressed to the EFCC Chairman and titled Re: Stop Debit Order on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidiaries, given to Umar by Magu?

“How and what is NNPC document referenced GED/F&A/08.26 dated May 5th, 2016 and titled Re;Stop Debit Order on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidiaries – Transfer of FCT Balances to NNPC’s TSA Accounts, addressed to the EFCC Chairman, doing in Umar’s possession?

“Why and how did NNPC document referenced GED/F&A/08.26 dated May 5th, 2016 and titled Re: Stop Debit on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidiaries – Critical Accounts for Immediate Operations to the EFCC Chairman got to Umar?”


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