Igbo Professionals In Diaspora Lauds Operation Python Dance, Urges Probe Of IPOB

By Michael Abimboye

The Southeast Professionals in Diaspora, have hailed the Nigerian military, particularly the Nigerian Army for taking the war against kidnapping, arm banditry, and political secessionist agitations,  being led by a small group of disgruntled politicians, to some states of the southeast, saying,  it will restore normalcy and peace,  to the region.

The group, however, advised the military,  to ensure the protection, of peace loving innocent civilians,  within the states where the operation is currently being carried out, and ensure that their rights are well protected, as enshrined in our laws.

Spokesman of the group, Engr Dr Fidelis Nze KSM said they were impressed by the way troops of the Nigerian Army under the Operation Python Dance 11, were recording successes against the elements,  who have turned the region,  to a theater of absurdities, going by the increasing rate of criminality,  and most worrisome,  the uncontrolled activities of the Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB, which has continued to preach hate speeches,  against every other tribes, in the country.

“It is evidently clear that the tide has changed for the better, especially in the last few days . The Nigerian military, are doing well.

“We are very convinced, that by the time this military sweep up, of criminalities in our region is over,  it will give psychological, moral and economical relief to the generality of our people who have lived under the fear of terror, by these notorious elements.

The group also called on  Governors of the Southeast States, to cooperate with the military,  and other security agencies, towards ensuring that the peace,  that is being returned to the region, is sustained,  particularly, as the people,  approach the yuletide season.

The group also use this medium to call on our security agencies especially the Nigerian Army to Institute a wider probe into the activities of the Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB,  with the recent discovery of a large consignment of ammunition by the Nigerian Custom Service at the lagos port,  the timing of this discovery and the resurgent of Kanu led IPOB activities cannot be an ordinary coincident.

The group also advised parents and guardians, to monitor their wards,  against being coerced into being part of any activities of groups,  who are hell bent on destabilizing the country.

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