Ekiti Residents Tell Gov Ayo Fayose To Produce “11 Pictures” Or Resign As They Take To The Street In Protest

By Danjuma Aliyu

Residents in Ekiti State took to the street this afternoon to demand their Governor  to produce the “11 imaginary pictures,” he said he had of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Governor Ayo Fayose had claimed he had “11 Pictures showing President Buhari was on life support machine.

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But the Governor Fayose, a member of the People Democratic Party who was involved in the #EkitiGate saga, does not have such pictures because the President was never on life support.

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Following the TV Broadcast made by President Buhari, residents of the south west state are now demanding for the resignation of their Governor, a Twitter user @Ayourb reported via his account.

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