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Willie Gatlin Says Fans Booing Son Is Disrespectful

By Christian Smith 

Willie Gatlin has said that his son being booed is “disrespectful to the sport.”

Mr Gatlin spoke after his 35-year-old son, Justin won Saturday’s World Championship final and was jeered as he went up to receive his gold medal at the London Stadium on Sunday evening.

The American, who has served two doping bans, beat Usain Bolt who bows out of the sports with 19 gold medal in the individual 100 metre race.

“He served his ban and he worked his heart out doing what he could,” the senior Gatlin said before going on to criticise fan who booed his son.

“The fans booing is disrespectful to the sport. The sport has always been here and is going to be here after he leaves,” he said: “He created a memory that is going to be in people’s minds a long time.”

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