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Lawmaker Lambast Yahaya Bello Over Brawl Which Led To Shut Down Of Kogi Assembly

By Abdul Tukur

The Governor of Kogi State was lambasted for locking-up the House of Assembly complex to prevent lawmakers from sitting yesterday.

Senator for Kogi-West who criticised Yahaya Bello for holding the salaries of public servant for 17 months, said the move the Governor made to stop plenary from holding on Tuesday, 2 August, was “a clear manifestation of Satanism.”

“The draconian Idi Amin approach to governance by Yahaya Bello today as displayed by his criminally minded hooligans and hired killers in usurping the legislative powers and privileges of the parliament is a clear manifestation of Satanism,” Senator Melaye said in a exclusive statement seen by DENISAURUS News.

Mr Bello is said to have prevented plenary in order to stop the removal of the Majority Leader of the House, Matthew Kolawole, who is said to be his staunch supporter.

The Governor is also accused of sponsoring thugs who went to the state assembly to beat up Hon Friday Sani Makam. Government sources say that Mr Bello believes Mr Makam is a loyalist of  Senator Melaye.

Senator Melaye, Chairman, Senate Committee on the FCT, has constantly spoken out on the non-payment of salaries to Kogi workers which has ruined the relationship Mr Bello once had with him.

The legislator who was born in Kano, has previously said the sponsor of his recall from the Senate wants him removed because he insists that Mr Bello pays workers.

Senator Melaye reaffirmed to this online paper that, “every worker is worthy of his wages.” He will continue the fight until the right thing is done by each staff.

Despite, an assassination attempt on his life, Senator Melaye continued to scold the Governor for running a “banana republic.” He is calling on the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo to “declare a state of emergency in Kogi State before anarchy becomes total.”

“The unwarranted attack on Hon. Friday Sani Makama shall not be swept under the carpet. We are not in a banana republic. It is manifestly clear now that the acting President must declare a state of Emergency in Kogi State before anarchy becomes total, he said.

“The economic cankerworm and social scavenger called Bello must be tamed before he finishes spending the little political capital left for APC in Kogi. We must not all keep quiet and allow this Stranger destroy the labour of genuine APC members in Kogi. We will not allow him to take us back to Egypt. We must rescue Kogi NOW!!!!”


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