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Federal High Court Abuja Stops Dino Melaye’s Recall From The Senate

By Adenike Lucas

The Federal High Court in Abuja has halted Governor Yahaya Bello’s plot to recall Senator Dino Melaye from the Senate 

The Kogi West Senator tweeted the news this afternoon.

He said: “Status quo should be maintained says Federal High Court Abuja on the fake recall case. Yahaya Bello is a loser.”

Senator Meleye, who emerged as the best senator of the year in 2016, has constantly called out Governor Bello for falling to pay the salaries of civil servants in the state.


The lawmaker said it was the reason why the Governor and his appointees were out to get him out of office.

“My only crime is that I am asking that my state government should pay the 17 months salaries of the state workers,” he said. “The governor is spending our money on the pages of newspapers to recall me.”

For a recall, the Electoral Act requires more than half of the persons registered to vote in a member’s constituency alleging their loss of confidence in that member.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC says it has received 52.3 percent of the 360,098 registered voters needed to trigger the process of the recall of the Kogi West senator.

However there are discrepancies over the valid number of signatories to the petition calling for Senator Melaye’s sack.

Senator Melaye said:  “The total score of both valid and invalid vote is 118,000 but my governors and his appointees in four days claimed they got a signature of over 188,000. They got INEC database of registered voters and copied in one writing into a recall register and forged all the signature.”

“As I speak to you over 120 dead certificates issued by the national population commission and these people relations and families have sworn to the affidavit and these certificates have been deposited.

“This orchestration, injustice, lies, malicious manifestation by my governor must not be entertained in a democracy, not because it is Dino Melaye. It could be anybody.”


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