Sen Dino Melaye Says: “Objectifying Women In Nigeria’s Banking Sector Must Stop.”

By Adebote ‘Seyifunmi

Senator Dino Melaye has frowned at the operations of Commercial Banks in Nigeria, saying most of their operations are not in accordance with the laws of the land. Dino Melaye who is a Senator representing Kogi West was introduced as an Advocate for Human Right when he appeared as a guest on a radio program in Abuja last week.

Responding to some questions asked, the controversial Senator expressed his utmost dissatisfaction about how female staff in most commercial banks are being objectified and coerced to do all manners of things in other to meet the targets giving by the bank and get more money for the banks.

Dino Melaye who recently launched a book ‘Antidote of Corruption’ described the act as “outrageously calamitous” and said Nigeria is too civilized to tolerate such callous act, “There is no point why this discrimination will continue in a very civilized society like ours. I am also pledging that we must advice non-governmental organizations to cut in heavily here to help crusade these activities of banks and erode and make it public. There must be very serious public enlightenment, serious public education on this matter and people who are victims of this assaults and harassment must also develop the capacity to approach relevant government agencies and report their situations.”

As a measure to curb this immoral act in the society, Senator Melaye called on the Central Bank of Nigeria to regulate the operations of the bank with immediate alacrity. He further promised to discuss the matter with the chairman of the Senate committee on banking and other financial institution which oversees the activities of the Central Bank of Nigeria. In his words, “I will make sure that we amend the act setting up the Central Bank and the Bank and Allied Matters Acts to make sure that workers in our banking sector in this country are protected, because this executive prostitution or corporate assault on our daughters, on our sisters need to be corrected and ameliorated.

“I also want to tell you that the in-senate will be willing and available if you have petitions and you address the petition to the Senate president through any senator to be presented  on the floor of the house and the fora will be made to the committee on ethics commission and I can assure you if government agencies refuse to do it – the Senate will do it especially the in-senate, I know we take applications very seriously and a lot of wrongs have been corrected through the instrumentalities of this committee. So I am assuring you that I will personally take this up and the CBN will also have to wake up from their slumber and oversight functions over these banks. They cannot keep mute and allow this wickedness to continue, many people have died as a result of this.”

Predicting that the task of checking  this age-long menace may be overwhelming for the government, Senator Melaye beckoned on Human Right based NGOs to rise to the task at hand, “it is a precarious situation that all hands must be on deck and NGOs who claim to be involved in human rights who claim to defend women who claim to be gender this and gender that must come out of their cocoon where they really need to go out of the world to protect women because this act by banks is a discrimination and the constitution of the federal republic government of Nigeria is explicit about  this discrimination”

Adebote ‘Seyifunmi – Youth Advocate, Editor / Writer, Media Personnel.

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