EXPOSED: How Magu Of EFCC Was Caught Pant-Down At NIC Over Illegal Dismissal of Staff

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

A former senior operative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC who instituted a claim against the acting chair of the commission over his unfair dismissal has began his case in high spirit.

The ex EFCC staff who was one of the pioneer members of the anti-graft agency was accused of being a member of a confraternity and then dismissed by Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

READ ALSOSenior Operative Sues Magu’s EFCC over Claims he was ‘unfairly’ tagged a ‘Secret Cultist.’

Staff close to Abubakar Abdu, denied that De Norsemen Kclub was a secret club.

According to the organisations website with corporation number RC NO: 7458 the “philosophy of De Norsemen Kclub is embedded basically in its commitment to the fight against injustice which the less privileged usually suffer in the society.”

As a result, the Grade Level 12 Regular Operative decided to sue the anti-graft commission for wrongful dismissal and defamation of his character at the Industrial Court in Abuja because the Borno born Deputy Commissioner did not give fair hearing to the case.

A staff had previously told DENISAURUS News that Mr Abdu who had never been in trouble had been unfairly targeted by their boss.

Mr Magu, whose nomination to become the 4th chairman of the commission has been rejected twice, “refused to look into my appeal, despite the rule book stating that an appeal could be launched two weeks after a decision is made.”

Close friends of Mr Abdu told DENISAURUS News, he was challenging “the wrongful termination of his appointment.”

They insist that he (Mr Abdu) was never given a “fair hearing” and that “due process was not followed by the defendant ranging from, investigation of what he was accused of; unofficially inviting him properly to attend disciplinary committee; neglecting his passionate letters of appeal; malicious disclaimer publication in two widely read newspapers; with- holding his properties even after terminating his appointment among others.”

In a turn around of event, an Operative of the EFCC has finally admitted in Court that De Norsemen Kclub was a registered Organisation with Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC.

The operative, Mr Chinedu Eneanya admitted at the National Industrial Court 3, Abuja that De Norsemen Kclub which the Commission labeled a “Secret Cult” thereby terminating the appointment of a Senior Operative, Mr Abubakar Abdu was indeed duly registered as a legal organisation by CAC.

During his cross examination, at the resumed trial before Justice Haastrup, counsel to Mr Abdu asked Mr Eneanya if the print outs from the claimant Facebook account, was the concluding fact of labeling the organisation a secret cult group.

Mr Eneanya answered in the affirmative that the logo and dress code of members of the Kclub “looks like that of a known cult group, vikings confraternity.”

With the shocking response, the counsel then proceeded to ask the operative, if he went further to investigate documents availed the commission by the claimant regarding the Kclub, especially to CAC, he answered “CAC confirmed the Kclub is registered”.

The case continues…

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