David Beckham Makes Screen Debut In King Arthur

By Christian Smith

Former England and Manchester United captain has made a screen debut in the new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

In the cameo appearance, Beckham plays a character named Trigger.

The film directed by Guy Ritchie will be released tomorrow (May 12) but Beckham’s performance has received a mixed review.

One fan, Paul Andrew said “Love the way film making has gone no acting experience /training qualifications needed just have to be famous Etc feel sorry for the real wannabe actors who have worked hard to try get into acting earned qualifications but have failed to get a role and are having to stack shelves or work in call centres instead.”

Another, Omar Algenii said: “I am gonna watch this movie man right because of you! I always thought you will end up in the acting after your super brilliant career as footballer, since i saw by chance an advertising where you where in.. Maybe you’ ll replicate same awesome success also as actor. Good luck buddy!”

But, Jemma Jackson was not so impressed. She said: “Oh mate …. no wonder he went into football.”

Beckham has said he has no future plan in acting.


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