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Senior Legislative Aide Defends Hon Samaila Suileman

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

A senior aide to Honourable Samila Suileman has responded to reports of an alleged petition that called for the deselection of his boss.

This website published a news report last week (April 27), about a petition that called for the recall of the lawmaker who represents Kaduna North in the House of Representatives.

Organisers of the petition, which has reportedly reached over 4,000 signatures, claim that Honourable Suileman abandoned the constituency, therefore he should be sacked.

They also said those living in the northern constituency were suffering as a result of Hon Suileman’s inefficiency to sponsor any bills.


However, Magaji Mohammed, a senior legislative aide to the 36-year-old lawmaker refuted this claims, saying that constituency projects were ongoing.

When asked, he said: “I don’t know anything about the petition.”

“But, even if there was a petition,” he said it was done out of “ignorance,” adding that those who were behind the said petition, “failed to understand the duties” of his boss in the National Assembly – part of which he said “is to execute constituency projects, sponsor bills and move motions which he is doing adequately.”

He explained that Honourable Suileman visits the constituency regularly and had just completed some projects. One was the construction of roads (pictures below).



In an exclusive interview with DENISAURUS News, Mr Mohammed insisted that the lawmaker is “performing well” and his detractors should come up with a “good reason” for his removal.

WATCH –  Video of Honourable Suileman sponsoring a bill for an act to establish National Youth Development Commission at the National Assembly.

“Hon Suileman is performing, some of the project he executed was the recent installation of transformers across the constituency.”




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