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General Election 2017: ‘June Always Marks The End Of May’ – Dawn Butler

By Adenike Lucas

The leader of the Labour party, Jeremy has made his first address since an early parliamentary election was announced by the Prime Minister.

On Wednesday, Theresa May received the backing of her colleagues by 522 -13 to call a snap election in the next 49 days.

Her major opposition, Mr Corbyn who spoke passionately at Church House, Westminster has promised to put power adopt a ten pounds an hour living wage.

He also wants to put power back in the hands of “true wealth creators” and hopes to overturn a “rigged system” that favours the rich.

In an arousing speech, the Islington MP who did not dwell on the Brexit issues, hopes he could repeat his 200-1 shot leadership election win in the June 8 elections.

He disagreed with journalist who described the Labour party as a ‘tainted brand’, saying “There are people in the audience who are wearing badges of Keir Hardie. He was vilified, vilified beyond belief when he was elected as the first Labour MP.

“They said ‘how can a working man go to Parliament and represent people’. Anyone who stands up to create a better, fairer, more decent society, gets vilified.

“Our party gets vilified. But I’ll tell you what: were bigger than we’ve ever been, we’re stronger than we’ve ever been, and we’re more determined than we’ve ever been.”

Brent Central MP, Dawn Butler who introduced Mr Corbyn for the Q&A said, a Labour government will make sure there is a ban on exploitative zero hour contracts.

She explained that: Every single policy that this Conservative government has put forward has caused stress and anguish to constituencies around the country.

Bu, not one to lose hope, Ms Butler said: “There is one undisputed fact. June always marks the end of May.”

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